BuddyPress Hide Widgets

BuddyPress Hide Widgets

This is a nice simple plugin, but very powerful and useful plugin that solves an annoying BuddyPress issue – BuddyPress widgets being displayed on all sites which should really only be available for the root blog and accessible to site admin.

We call it BuddyPress Hide Widgets (click for download details).

Simply drop it into /plugins/ and activate it sitewide (it must be activated sitewide) and you’ll have far more control over your widgets than you did before :)

Once activated visit BuddyPress > General Settings, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will now be able tos elect which BuddyPress widgets you want to disable on all but the main blog:

It doesn’t get much easxier that that huh!

You can download BuddyPress Hide Widgets here.