BuddyPress Humanity: The Newest Weapon to Fight Signup Spam

BuddyPress Humanity: The Newest Weapon to Fight Signup Spam

Welcome BuddyPress Humanity, the latest plugin on the scene to help you combat BuddyPress signup spam.

As you can see from the screenshot, this plugin will add a customizable security question to the BuddyPress signup form. You can write your own question, change it as often as you want, and assign the correct answers to verify the user’s humanity.

This plugin currently works perfectly when WordPress Multisite is enabled, but if you want it to work with single user WordPress, you’ll need to do this one small switch:

Find this in the buddypress-humanity.php file:
{code type=php}
add_action(‘bp_after_blog_details_fields’, ‘bph_show_input_field’);

and replace it with this:
{code type=php}
add_action(‘bp_before_registration_submit_buttons’, ‘bph_show_input_field’);

I’ve notified the plugin developer about this and perhaps he’ll change it, so make sure to test the plugin to see if it works for you before changing the file.

Please note that BuddyPress Humanity will not completely eliminate spam, but it will definitely deter some bots and help you spend less time deleting spam users. If you’re suffering from more spam than you can keep up with, give this plugin a try and see how much it can cut it back for you.

Looking for other, more effective methods for stopping the onslaught of BuddyPress signup spam? Check out Anti-Splog, the most comprehensive spam-killing plugin currently available for WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress. It’s powered by our new Anti-Splog API service that effectively learns as it kills spam across thousands of blogs connected to the service. You won’t find any other solution out there that can rival Anti-Splog.