BuddyPress Showcase: 12 New Stellar Customizations

BuddyPress Showcase: 12 New Stellar Customizations

It’s that time again to showcase how people are using the BuddyPress platform to create beatiful websites. We’ve selected a few of the most impressive sites sporting complete customizations of BuddyPress. Grab a cup of coffee and be inspired.

NY Blogs

NY Blogs is a premium blogging community for New Yorkers to speak about art, culture, fashion, entertainment, politics, social issues, community, and finance.


FilmmakerIQ.com is a website for filmmakers. It’s a community built around the idea that information and knowledge is your single most powerful filmmaking tool.

Arts Westchester

Arts Westchester is New York State’s largest private, not-for-profit service organization, working to ensure the availability and accessibility of the arts for all of the county’s residents.

Going Postal

Going Postal is a penpal service that seeks above all to provide a community to those who love letters.

Gleeks Online

Gleeks Online is a news and community for Glee fans.

The Secret Bistro

The Secret Bistro, a free service for you to all enjoy. It will allow you to meet new friends, discover secret supper clubs, share recipes, plus many other cool things.


EVRD stands for everything random. It’s a site for anything and everything that is cool, interesting, or funny on the interwebs


Ecoerth is a site where users can learn and share information and knowledge on all topics relating to health and wellness of the body, mind, spirit, our planet and virtually every aspect of one’s life.

Kev Jumba

Kev Jumba is a site for Kevin Wu, the owner of Youtube channel “KevJumba.”

Pavilion Interactive

Pavilion Interactive focuses on social media, interactive communications and tools that help people make better decisions.


Fisherbook is a magazine, social network and blog platform, soon to include forums, classifieds, fishing directory, photo store, and video store.

Sofa Stop

SofaStop is an online community website for frequent backpackers and aspiring travellers.