BuddyPress Themes and Plugins

BuddyPress Themes and Plugins

Update – We’ve just released three amazing new BuddyPress Themes – click here to check them out.

We’re keen on BuddyPress over here, and we’d like to enhance your WordPress MU / BuddyPress experience by supplying you with a few themes and plugins both for free on WPMU DEV and for you premium users on WPMU DEV Premium.


But… we need your assistance, or, to be more accurate, your specifications :)

What style of BuddyPress themes would you like us to make for you?

What plugins would you like us to put together?

To let us know please just write up a post / tweet / whatever your fancy is and link to this post either as ‘buddypress plugins’ or ‘buddypress themes’ (or both, if you’re asking for both!)

If pingbacks fail just manually add your request in the comments.

We’re quite serious here – here’s a good chance to get some custom Incsub development for the price of a post!