BuddyStream Gets Complete Overhaul with Upcoming BuddyStream Goliath Release

BuddyStream Gets Complete Overhaul with Upcoming BuddyStream Goliath Release

The BuddyStream plugin for BuddyPress has been completely re-written to be more efficient and better than ever. The developer working on the plugin recently announced that he’ll be naming each new release of Buddystream after various species of butterflies, beginning with an all-new Goliath release on slated for May 1st.

If you’re not familiar with BuddyStream, it’s a plugin that allows you to synchronize multiple social networks with your BuddyPress activity stream.

The upcoming Goliath release will include will include two forks:

BuddyStream Lite:

  • Including Twitter, Last.fm, Flickr, and Youtube functionality.
  • Twitter support for both Yfrog and TwitPic

BuddyStream Premium:

  • Facebook integration
  • Will include at least one other extension, which will not be named until the launch of the Lite version.

The Premium version will launch approximately two weeks after the launch of the Lite version and will offer formal support.

The good news is that many bugs have been fixed in this coming update, and it will be faster and more stable than the previous version. The Goliath release will also fix many issues that users had with CRON. The BuddyStream team will also be offering a minimal-cost, external CRON, feature with this release or shortly thereafter. Check out a sneak peak of the new backend:

The BuddyStream plugin is absolutely critical to many BuddyPress communities who aim to integrate more social networking content into the activity stream. BuddyStream also offers the ability to push the activity stream updates out from your BuddyPress website to the social networks, giving your site a huge SEO boost. Check out more screenshots and a quick overview on our post: Introducing BuddyStream: A Social Network Synchronization Plugin for BuddyPress

Follow BuddyStream on Twitter for all the latest updates on the plugin. Also, make sure to watch the buddystream.net website for the release on May 1st.