Build an Amazing Appointments Website

Build an Amazing Appointments Website

Setting up an appointment management solution on your website can be fiddly, not to mention expensive. Take the hassle out of scheduling bookings and manage them yourself – all within your WordPress site – with our Appointments+ plugin. It will save you a fortune – and it’s easy peasy to set up.

Appointments+ is perfect for any individual, business or group that needs to schedule time, such as:

  • Doctors
  • Tutors
  • Personal Trainers
  • Spas and salons
  • Photographers
  • Hairdressers
  • Consultants and life coaches
  • Web designers
  • Tradespeople, such as plumbers and electricians
  • Reservations for sports fields, tennis courts etc

It’s also packed with more than 30 custom appointment features that rival even the most sophisticated booking platforms:

  • Allows customers the option to book their own appointments online
  • Schedule appointments with clients
  • Enjoy a built-in CRM for managing customer contact information
  • Collect payments or deposits using PayPal
  • Manage your entire team, create unlimited service providers and unlimited services
  • Send confirmation and reminder emails to increase customer attendance rates
  • Allows you and your clients to book appointments up to one year in advance
  • Manage all appointments right from Google calendar
  • Compatible with BuddyPress
  • Short codes for inserting into posts/pages
  • Display weekly, or monthly schedules
  • Integrates with WPMU DEV Membership and Marketpress plugins
  • Enter phone appointments manually

In this tutorial I’m going to create an appointments website where scruffy-haired visitors can jump online to book a time to have their hair cut and styled at my salon, Curl Up and Dye.

1. Install the Appointments+ Plugin

You download Appointments+ here.

2. Plan

Plan out your services, staff and working hours
It’s a good idea to plan out your services, staff and working hours before you get started.

Before you start clicking buttons, you need to know what your want your appointments site to do.

Firstly, what kind of services does your business provide? Curl Up and Dye offers some of the best hair cuts going around at incredible prices.

Secondly, you need to know who is working at your business. I’ve got cool cats snipping at my salon.

Thirdly, what are your working hours? When is your staff rostered to work?

3. Services

Let’s get on with the fun stuff. Go to Appointments > Settings > Services.

For each of the services you jotted down earlier, click Add New Service and enter its details. Leave the description page field set to none for now. We’ll come back to that later.

4. Service providers

Now we need to fill in the details for all my wonderful staff members. But before we can do that, we need to add each of our workers to the website, so click on Users > Add New and for each person fill in their details and click Add New User.

Once you’ve done that, go to Appointments > Settings > Service Providers.

For each of your staff members, click Add New Service Provider and enter their details like so:

For each of your employees fill in the services they provide.
For each of your employees fill in the services they provide.

Leave the bio page fields set to none for now. We’ll sort that out later.

5. Business Hours

Fill in the working hours for your business or working hours for each of your staff members.
Fill in the working hours for your business or working hours for each of your staff members.

Fill in the working hours for your business or working hours for each of your staff members.

A fantastic feature of Appointments+ is the ability to set not just your usual business hours, but the working hours for each of your staff members. You can even specify when they’re on a break. This is great for my stylist Dana who is a single mom and works three days a week.

Go to Appointments > Settings > Working Hours.

As we planned out, enter your workers’ shifts and don’t forget to give them breaks.

Click Save Working Hours when you’re done.

6. Exceptions

You can specify your workers' days off or swapped shifts.
You can specify your workers’ days off.

You can specify your workers’ days off or swapped shifts.

Sometimes your salon might close for public holidays or your workers might need to take a day off if they’ve got a vacation coming up, or they might even want to work an extra shift.

To account for Inara’s upcoming day off to meet with one of her companion clients and the Saturday she wants to work instead, click on Appointments > Settings > Exceptions.

In the drop down box select her name and under Exceptional NON working days select the date she wants off.

Save your exceptions when you’re done.

7. Time Base

Set how long your appointments go for.
You can set how long each of your appointments last for.

Now let’s get stuck into the fiddly bits. Go to Appointments > Settings > General > Time Settings.

You can set the time in minutes for your appointments. I’m going to set mine to 60 minutes. There are also options to enter your own length of time if one of the presets doesn’t suit and block how soon and how far in advance clients can make a booking.

8. Create an Appointments Page

You can automatically create a page where clients can make an appointment on your site.
You can automatically create a page where clients can make an appointment on your site.

You will need a page on your site where clients can make their appointment. In Appointments > Settings > General > Display Settings you can automatically create an appointments page. Magic!

While you’re here, you can also select a preset color scheme for your appointments calendar so clients can see when times are available, or set your own color scheme.

9. Client Login

You may or may not want your clients to login to your site when they make an appointment, depending on your business.

I want clients to be able to drop by the website and make a booking with no fuss.

Go to Appointments > Settings > General > Accessibility Settings and select “No” under Login Required.

10. Payment

If you want clients to pay a deposit or full price when they make a booking, it’s not hard to set up.

Go to Appointments > Settings > General > Payment Settings and select “Yes”. I’m going to leave this setting as “No” because I don’t want to charge clients until they arrive at my salon for their haircut.

11. Email Notifications

You can set notifications settings so clients receive email confirmations and a reminder for their appointments.
You can set notifications settings so clients receive email confirmations and a reminder for their appointments.

When you have approved a client’s appointment for a buzz cut you can automatically send them a confirmation email.

Go to Appointments > Settings > General > Notifications and select “Yes” next to Send Confirmation.

There is even a further option to send reminders to forgetful clients.

When you’re done fixing your site’s settings, click on Save Settings.

12. Shortcodes

There are some handy shortcodes you can use on your site to do things like list your services, list staff and list a client’s appointments.

To check out the codes, go to Appointments > Settings > Shortcodes.

13. Create Services Pages

Remember when I said earlier we would worry about the description pages for our services later? Later is now.

Create a new page for each of your services and turn this:

It's easy to quickly create pages for each of your services.
It’s easy to quickly create pages for each of your services.

Into this:

Services pages provide clients with information about your perms, buzz cuts, comb overs and mullets.
Services pages provide clients with information about your perms, buzz cuts, comb overs and mullets.

After you’ve created each page for your services, don’t forget to head back to Appointments > Settings > Services and select the appropriate page in each of the description page fields.

14. Create a Staff Page

Now we need to do the same for our staff.

Create a new page for each of your staff members. You can even add a photo by uploading a Featured Image.

And here’s what it will look like on your site:

Your clients will love our stylist Dana's precision cutting after years wielding a scalpel at morgues across America.
Your clients will love our stylist Dana’s precision cutting after years wielding a scalpel at morgues across America.

15. Appointments

You can manually enter appointments made in person or over the phone, which is handy when Mulder phones in with his regular appointments with Dana.
You can manually enter appointments made in person or over the phone, which is handy when Mulder phones in with his regular appointments with Dana.

Now that you’re all done setting up your appointments site, you can start taking bookings.

New appointments will appear in Appointments > Appointments.

If a client calls to book a buzz cut with Dana over the phone, you can manually add an appointment. Click Add New and fill in the details.

16. Transactions

If you have selected to accept payments from clients when they make an appointment, they will be listed in Appointments > Transactions.

You can sit back and watch the money roll in. Any pending transactions you need to action will be listed here.

17. Google Calendar

One of the great things about Appointments+ is that admin and clients can save any appointment directly to their Google Calendar, and it’s super easy to set up.

There are two ways to go about it. When clients make an appointment on your site they can tick the Google Calendar option before they confirm their booking.

Or, if you want to fully integrate Google Calendar with your site you can enter API credentials in your settings to allow appointment edits made from Google Calendar to update on your site.

To do this, go to Appointments > Settings > Google Calendar and under Google Calendar API Settings look for instructions and click the little blue button.

Click the blue button to reveal instructions for how to integrate Google Calendar. You know you want to.
Click the blue button to reveal instructions for how to integrate Google Calendar. You know you want to.

I admit, when I first opened the list I felt a little overwhelmed, but if you follow each step carefully you’ll have Google Calendar integration working in no time. Rather than re-invent the wheel with a guide on how to set it up, check out this handy video:

And That’s That!

You should now have a fully functioning appointments site.

If you have any problems, go to Appointments > Settings > FAQ to find out more or turn on the helpful FAQ pop-ups.

Photo: DafneCholet via Compfight cc.

122 Responses


    The plugin may be feature rich but you developers are not taken into cognizance that some countries are not allow to open paypal. In as much as paypal option is the only payment gateway, the plugin won’t be popular among nations that enjoy using WordPress to power their site!


    Is there a way to limit how many appointments a customer could have scheduled at a time or frequency?

    For example:
    only 3 scheduled appointments at a time
    only 1 appointment per week.
    I am guessing, if possible, this would need to be used with the membership plugin so customer would have to login first.

    Also can you limit how far out into the future, say 30 or 60 days?


    Raelene Morey

    There aren’t any settings to limit how many appointments a customer can make, but you can set a minimum time to pass between new appointments. For example, you might want 30 seconds to pass between when a client makes an appointment and then tries to make another. You can also prevent clients from making a second appointment before you can confirm it by setting a huge number for the minimum time.

    It is also possible to set how far in advance you would want clients to be able to make appointments and also how soon. So you might set the calendar to allow appointments to open 30 days in advance and close two days before.


    Is there a way to force consecutive appointment scheduling?

    My client needs to limit the appointments in order to avoid a 9am and a 4pm, making it so the second client is forced to schedule the next available slot directly before or after the first appointment of the day.

    Raelene Morey

    It’s possible to create breaks when appointments are unavailable. You can do this in the Working Hours section under Settings. This means you can block off 9am and 4pm each day as unavailable times for appointments.

    I’m not sure if this has answered your question. Did you mean allow only one person per appointment? Because that’s possible, too. You can specify the number of workers at your business to determine how many appointments are available at any one time.


    Actually I was looking for a feature that would force appointments #2 and so on to be made in conjunction with appointment #1.

    Client #1 schedules an appointment at 9:00am. I have 1.5 hour sessions with 30 minutes between appointments.

    Client #2 is forced to schedule their appointment, if on the same day, at 11:00am, so as to not have too large of gaps between appointments.

    Possibly allowing for a some room for scheduling, but preventing a day with a 9:00am and a 4:00pm type scheduling gap.

    Raelene Morey

    I see what you mean. Yep, you can definitely do that. Under Admin Side Time Base in Settings you can set interval times after appointments. So in your example, client #1 could book a 1.5 hour appointment for 9am with a 30 minutes interval after that appointment, and client #2 would have the option of booking the next available appointment at 11am.


    Hi from Spain! Looks like a great plugin. Just one question. Is it possible to make recurrent appointments with the plugin?

    Imagine a Gym that has “advanced Pilates” every monday at 6pm. Is it possible for a cliente to book that class every monday instead of doing the book each week again and again? Also, if the client wants to change one particular session, will he be able to do it?

    I know it sounds tricky but this plugin is very close to a thing that we’re working on.

    Thanks! sorry for my english!!


    This plugin looks fantastic. I have a slightly complicated question. Can the plugin calculate pricing automatically when there are multiple optional add-ons for a given service? For example, if the base service is a hair cut for $20, but the user can select to add a dye job for $10 or to have a special after-hours appointment for $5, can the plugin correctly tally up the total cost of all of the options selected and show this to the client at the time of booking?

    Note that this is *not* the same as selecting multiple services separately. It makes no sense to be able to pay a surcharge for an after-hours hair cut if you haven’t selected to book the haircut itself.

    I currently use Appointy, but it notably lacks this feature. With Appointy, I have to itemize all possible options, e.g. “hair cut during the day without dye for $20”, “hair cut during the evening without dye for $25”, “hair cut during the day with dye for $30″… and so on. This is needlessly confusing to the customer, given the large number of possible combinations.



    I would like customers to choose the time length. So customer A can come in a say I need this conference room from 9am to 11am and then Customer B might come in and choose that he/she wants the conference room from 11am until say 2pm so as you can see the user would choose the start time and finish time. This is a feature I need and I have been playing with the version I bought however it seems I must choose a time slot of say 60mins but obviously I cannot have a user coming in twice to book a 2 hour slot. Any advice on this? Or any solutions for this criteria?


    Thanks for the informative post.

    I’ve been playing around with the plugin, which has been a lot of fun. A question for you: I’ve added add_theme_support( “appointments_style” ) to functions.php in order that front.css is not called, however this has caused it to lose all the colors chosen from the custom color set (the calendar does not have any colors at all now). Any idea how I can get these colors back?



    This plugin look great, but before purchasing, I would like to know if this plugin offers one particular feature. What he wants is each service providers will have their own WordPress login and would like each of them to view only their own appointments. Is that possible?

    Thanks in advance!


    My service providers regularly change their schedules and so the idea of a regular work schedule is out the window. I’ve tried adding extra working days via exceptions but those default to the regular business hours and don’t let me define specific hours for specific calendar days.

    Is there a way to go about setting that? Would it require custom work?


      Hello Kiel,

      It does not support setting up different working hours for specific calendar days. It can only be setup on different days in a Week.

      Making it work like you want will require some custom work. However before you go for that, you can post on our Support Forums and get some good direction :)


    I am just a lay person, so please bear with me. I believe your plugins will offer the solution I need, but I just can’t figure out how. Here is my problem:

    I would like for clients to schedule either one time or recurring appointments (I understand the plug in as it exist doesn’t provide this feature). If clients select recurring appointments, I would like to have them pay for the first appointment only. The recurring appointments I think could be billed through the membership plug in.

    Is this correct?

    Does the appointment plug in allow for users to cancel or reschedule appointments?
    Can you add items to the membership plug in?
    Once a member logs into the member section…what do they see? Can they see previous orders, communications? etc.



    Thanks for your comment and showing interest in the plugin.

    Appointments plus integrates with Membership plugin so that you can offer discounts to your members.

    If you want to create a site where you can allow your users to book multiple appointments, you will need to use it with MarketPress plugin.

    MarketPress will allow you to let the users add multiple appointments to your cart and checkout.

    Appointments plus plugin allows your users to cancel the appointments. There is no inbuilt rescheduling option but they cancel and create a new one.

    Membership plugin is not for selling products or tracking the purchases, its mainly used to protect the content and make it available to the paid subscribers. Just like : GigaOm, Mixergy, PSD Tuts, The New York Times etc.

    I hope that helps.


    Hello, I’m very interested in buying the Appointments+ plugin (looks great!), and probably the Marketpress plugin to go alongside it. But I have a few questions first, I hope someone can help me with them so I can make an informed purchase decision:

    1. Would I be able to create different service providers (so that there is availability for several clients to book the same service at the same time) but NOT give the clients the option to choose which service provider they want? (i.e. hiding that field/option completely for the client)

    2. In combination with Marketpress, can I have PayPal Express AND PayPal Payments Pro (i.e. shopping cart/checkout on my website) as payment options of my clients? Can I make it compulsory that an appointment can only be booked/accepted by the system if the client has paid this way?

    3. If the client goes through the first stage of the appointment (i.e. choosing service/date/time etc), but does NOT go through with the payment, does the system record their name and email etc so that we can contact them manually to ask them about making a payment to firm up their booking?

    4. To have an affiliate scheme, do we need your affiliates plugin too? Does this integrate directly with Appointments+, or only through Marketpress?

    5. Can I add different service availability calendars/booking forms to different pages of my website. For example, I don’t want a drop-down list of all the services on each service page on my website… instead I want only the relevant service to appear automatically (no selecting from a list by the client) with the respective calendar availability.

    Sorry I have a lot of questions! I hope you can help :-)

    Thanks in advance!



      Hello Alan,

      **1. Would I be able to create different service providers (so that there is availability for several clients to book the same service at the same time) but NOT give the clients the option to choose which service provider they want? (i.e. hiding that field/option completely for the client)**

      Yes, you can do that. Just don’t use the Service provider selection shortcode on the appointments page and they will not be able to filter service providers.

      **2. In combination with Marketpress, can I have PayPal Express AND PayPal Payments Pro (i.e. shopping cart/checkout on my website) as payment options of my clients? Can I make it compulsory that an appointment can only be booked/accepted by the system if the client has paid this way?**

      MarketPress allows you to use PayFlow Pro as a gateway however there is no restriction we can apply as you want.

      **3. If the client goes through the first stage of the appointment (i.e. choosing service/date/time etc), but does NOT go through with the payment, does the system record their name and email etc so that we can contact them manually to ask them about making a payment to firm up their booking?**

      Yes, it will save that appointment as pending and you can manually pick the email address and contact the user.

      You can set Disable pending appointments after (mins) in the settings.

      **4. To have an affiliate scheme, do we need your affiliates plugin too? Does this integrate directly with Appointments+, or only through Marketpress?**

      Yes, you will need our Affiliates plugin. It does not integrate with A+ but it does integrate with MarketPress plugin.

      **5. Can I add different service availability calendars/booking forms to different pages of my website. For example, I don’t want a drop-down list of all the services on each service page on my website… instead I want only the relevant service to appear automatically (no selecting from a list by the client) with the respective calendar availability.**

      Yes, you can do that. The plugin supports a lot of shortcodes which you can use on different pages.

      I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.



    Seriously considering this, a couple of quite specific requirements though:
    We have 2 tables for hire on an hourly basis, so the potential users need to be able to book a table for a multiple of hours. Depending on the time the hourly rates change, there are 4 rates: weekday morning/weekday afternoon/weekday evening and weekend rate. We would also need to be able to book ‘offline’ i.e. for users with no access to a computer that times can be ‘blocked out’ as booked.


      Raelene Morey

      Hi Raymond,

      Appointments+ allows you to make manual appointments, so if a client calls or emails, for examples, you can open up your WordPress account and enter the details that way.

      Unfortunately the plugin isn’t able to have rates assigned for specific times of the day. You could get around this by creating different tables for different times in the plugin’s settings, but that might get a little messy. I would suggest trying our jobs board to make the plugin fit what you need:

      Of you could even contact the folks at Tweaky to customize it for you:



    This plugin looks Great.

    I have some questions,

    On the front-end side, most of my customers will use iPhone or Android smart phone or tablets. Is it possible to avoid them re-entering “Name”, “e-mail”, “phone”… every time they make an appointment ?

    On the Back-office side, :
    – can I use databases (customer, appointments,services ..) with Excel (import/export)
    – Is there any plugin able to create pricing tables to show in a wordpress page dynamically from my services database ?

    Last but not least, is there any way to test the plugin before buying it ?



      Hiya @CeMi

      It can remember the details entered as Name, Phone, Address and City however the user needs to be logged in to the site. It will then fetch the info from the last booking information.

      You can export the Appointments as CSV it will contain the below fields

      created user name email phone address city location service worker price status start end sent and notes

      For the pricing tables, there is no plugin supplied out of the box, however its possible to link directly to a service calendar, so you can use any plugin to create a price table and with buy now, you can link the calendar.

      Unfortunately its not possible to try the plugin before you purchase, however if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our sales team via the contact form

      Cheers, PC


    Thanks a lot for your answers, PC.

    I am very new with WordPress. Do you know if there is a way for an automatic login in to the site (after a Fisrt registration). Many apps are doing that.

    Can I also export other databases (customer & services) as CSV.
    And what about importing from CSV ?

    Well, I am not sure to understand what you meant with the price table.
    I would like to build a kind of nice looking price table (to place in one of my site pages) and this directly from the data I have on my Services database (I assume Appointments+ plugin allows to enter a price for each service, right?)


        Raelene Morey

        Hi Stephanie. Apologies for the delay! I just checked with the support crew and it *is* possible to have multiple breaks.

        You need to set a first break time for the selected service provider, then save the settings. You can then set additional breaks by clicking the plus sign.

        Hope that helps!

        If you need anymore help with the plugin, feel free to drop by the WPMU DEV support forums. It’s usually quicker to get help there :)


          I had an older version of Appointments +, so I re-subscribed and updated to the new version that allows me to do this.

          I’m still having troubles getting it to reflect the settings that I have put in. What’s shown on the site don’t reflect the working times that I have entered in and the breaks aren’t showing up. I have cleared cache and tried different browsers and deleting everything and reentering it with no luck. It’s quite frustrating! I’ll try the support forums I guess.

          Thanks for your help.



          I’ve tried multiple times to post on the support forum. The first time it said i was not authorized for some reason and now the submit button isn’t working (I’ve tried in 3 different browsers).

          This is the problem:

          I have a client that has 2 service providers. They work on different days each have set appointment times that last for 60 minutes each.

          Provider 1 works Monday to Thursday and takes appointments at 8.30am, 9.30am, 10.30am etc. She also has a 1 hour break for lunch.

          Provider 2 works on Friday and Saturday. On Friday she takes appointments at 9am, (followed by a 30 minute break to review), 10.30am (followed by a 30 minute break to review), 12pm (followed by a 30 minute break to review) and so on. She also has a 1 hour lunch break. On Saturday she doesn’t have breaks between appointments and consults at 9am, 10am, 11am etc.

          I can’t get this to work properly at all! Using the “Minimum time based appointment duration calculus” it allows the breaks etc. but also allows people to book in half hour increments. This won’t work for the client as they have set appointment times (8.30am, 9.30am etc.) so if someone is allowed to book at 9am, it stuffs up their schedule.

          I thought using “Service duration based calculus” would work, but it doesn’t. It makes my first provider’s start time at 9am for some reason, instead of 8.30am and doesn’t display the breaks correctly.

          I’ve spent hours stuffing around with this (as have other staff members) and signed up again so I could download an updated version of the plugin that allows multiple breaks and I’m just about ready to tell my client that we’re not doing this anymore.

          I’m really disappointed that this is so difficult and that it’s so difficult to get support.


            Hi Stephanie,

            I’m sorry to hear about the problems that you are having with the plugin and with logging in to the forums.

            Could you send us an email? We’ll investigate why you can’t login to the forums and we’ll also try and offer advice on your problem.

            If you could also email us your WordPress username and password so we can see your Appointments+ set up that would be great.

            Please use this form to send us an email, and select “I have a different question” then fill in the boxes and to send us an email so that we can help out :-)


    I have two questions about this great plugin.

    1- It’s possible to assign multiple services (ex: hair cut and dye) to multiple staff member?

    2- Assuming that you have two different service providers for one service; if I not choose a preferred service provider, on the calendar I can see the availability of both providers?
    Ex. In the demo page, for the month of October, if I not choose a service provider (for “Using a light saber”) every Saturday it’s busy and October 31 it’s not available. However if I choose “Yoda” as a service provider, October 31 is available, and if I choose “Luke Skywalker” every Saturday it’s available.

    I hope I explained well.
    Thanks in advance!

    Jeffrey Beer

    Hi! I’ve read the docs and all the comments here, and I’m still not sure if I can use this as needed.

    I’m a single provider photo studio. I would have “normal” appointments, like 9:00am to 10:00am, so that part is simple.

    I also have studio space rentals that I would like clients to be able to book online. These have no providers, in most cases.

    I have three spaces available – they are basically separate shooting areas, two for photography, one for video. If I were booked to do a portrait session, in space A, space A would no longer be available. Spaces B and C would be. If I were booked for a shoot outside the studio, all three spaces would NOT be available, because I won’t be there. If I were outside the studio, I’d need to disable all spaces from booking for that time period.

    Is there any easy way to set up or manage something like this?

    Would I set up each space as a separate service with no provider? Another service could potentially be a single space, with me as the provider. Does that sound right?

      Raelene Morey

      Hi Jeffrey, thanks for your question.

      I think the easiest way to go about it would be to set up the plugin so “Table” is a service provider and Space A, Space B and Space C are services.

      In the backend of the plugin it’s easy to put in exceptions so you can make the tables unavailable at certain times.

      Hope this helps!


    Greetings from Costa Rica!

    How can I enable the “Capacity” feature under Services, the reason I need this is because the plugin will be use on a Surf School and they can cover 10 persons per Service, I already set the Capacity but at the front end doesn’t display anything also how can I enable for the client to choose how many bookings per Service on the Calendar form?

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi, great plugin! One small issue. My client needs to be able to schedule a hair color in one appointment, but have it show 30 minutes booked, then 30 minutes free, then 30 minutes booked. This is so he can schedule another appointment in the 30 minute break in between. Is there a way to associate this timing with a service?


    I like this plugin a lot. However, the confirmation process could use some help. So, if you’re requiring a payment, which I am, the process goes like this.

    Pick the service (in my case only one service and service provider), select a time, then a form pops up at the bottom and the page scrolls to the form (nice so far).

    Then you fill out the form with your information, hit the button for “confirming this appointment” and here’s where the problem is. Instead of going straight to paypal at this point, all that happens is another button pops up asking you to confirm payment.

    The problem is, the button is small and outside the form div (just below it. It’s also confusing that the first button to confirm the appointment still stays there at this point.

    I have had a bunch of confusions and missed payments because of this.

    Can you guys offer a solution to make this more seamless? If not, I’ll have to look else where.


    Hi! Great plugin, but I would like to ask some things.

    I have different kind of services but I don’t have another worker, I work alone. In every service which I provided I have a capacity of 2 clients. But I can’t do different services at the sime time. I mean, if someone book the service X at an a determinated hour then I can attend another client but with the same service, not with another different services.

    Beside, I don’t have a predeterminated schedule of services. It depend on when I client ask for it. Every one can book every service at the hour he wants. But when someone book a determinated service I only can attend another one for the same service.

    (1) Could I managed it with this pluging?

    About Google Calendar synchronitazion:

    (2) Could I manage bookings with the Google Calendar mobile phone app or only with the desktop version?
    (3) What information could I change in a booking with Google Calendar?
    (3) Could I create a new booking with Google Calendar or only manage it?
    (4) Is it possible to add another booking (made by phone) in a service where I have a capacity of more than one person using Google Calendar?

    I’ve watched the video tutorial but it doesn’t explain what could I manage with Google Calendar.

    Thanks in advance


      [email protected], yep the plugin uses your WordPress settings. Time settings can be changed at Settings > General > Time format.

      Changing to German language is possible but would have to be done by changing the language in WordPress.

      It’s not possible to change it on-the-fly if that’s what you were asking. But definitely, you can change the language. And in case you’re interested, you’ll see all the languages members have so far made available here:



    I also like the plugin very much, however I think there is a bug which need to be fixed. I found that when one hover over the scheduled time slots, name of a client scheduled for that slot appears to everyone! In some cases hoover shows date and time but for others names of clients, what is unacceptable. Can I turn off somehow information showing on hoove or I made something wrong?

    I’d be grateful for any comment on my issue.


        Hi David,

        sure I’d like to post it, but since I’m inactive member now, I can’t post on the forum anymore (which is a bit strange in my opinion).

        Anyway, I have another serious problem with appointments, which I can’t find solution too. I defined services of different length (30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes). Surprisingly 60 mins appointments interfere with the shorter ones, but longer ones do not interfere. To put it another way: clients can make 60 mins appointments to specific teacher on time slots which are already taken by 30 mins appointments (with same teachers). That not happens when you turn to longer lesson appointments mode, i.e. 90 or 120 mins appointments can not be made because time slots are taken by 30 min ones. How this is possible?

        Another thing is that when I modify appointment times through admin panel same as above occurs: system somehow lets make appointments on time slots which are taken by appointments with modified time. Really poor if that is true. I hope there is kind of setting which I haven’t made. Otherwise, it is a serious problem with the plugin.

        I’d be grateful for any help :)


    I am very impressed with the functionality and back-end administration, but I fail to see any mention of specific front-end features. I am specifically interested in the responsiveness of this plugin. I’ve seen one support post regarding a bug in the display of some elements on an iPhone, but not much else. With many WP themes moving to fully responsive, a plugin like this also needs to be displayed in a fully responsive way.

    Also, I had read somewhere on wmpudev regarding the ETA for the release of the latest version of this plugin being somewhere between January 27 and February 2. Is that still the case?



    Hi there, I’ve been scouring the forums on wpmudev, great support 5 stars given to you! :) I have a question for you regarding wpmudev appointment + Currently you need to add service providers manually in the back end. What would it involve to have service providers sign up in the front end, select timing availability, check list of services provided, add image and google maps location and when this service provider submits they are automatically added as a appointment + service provider and have there live appointment calendar on there profile page along with all there appointments from clients listed below calendar. Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance for any help on this matter



    I have appointment+ 1.3.1. I have 3 different service stations in 3 different locations. So they have different working hours but basically they provide the same services
    1.How can i create different working hours to each service station.?
    2. Please guide me to find reference guide to work with the “Add-on” on the appointment + plugin

    Thank you


    I am very interested in purchasing Appointments+. I have one need for my client that I wanted to check on first. I am working with a Golf Pro who will need to limit his appointment availability to a 6 month window for one of his services/locations and 6 months for another. Is this a possibility?

    Service A, Place 1, April-September
    Service A, Place 2, Mon-Wed, October-March
    Service A, Place 3, Thu-Fri, October-March


      Raelene Morey

      Hi Wouter. We’re looking at redesigning Appointments + in the coming months so it’s easier to set up and manage. I’m not sure if you went through this tutorial step by step, but it does outline exactly what you need to do to set up the plugin in this particular scenario. If you have further questions its best to get in touch with our support team.

    Wouter Jan Kok

    Thanks for reply.

    But, I presume you still do not get what I tried to explain.

    This type of blog is very useful for those who use your plugins and themes (see number and type of replies).

    Then please put this type of information(the what and HOW) inside the downloaded file! It will give your customers better understanding of the tools AND relief your support.

    Support is good. Support call prevention by proper education is better!


      Hey there Wouter,

      Thanks for your feedback with this. Incidentally, as Raelene mentioned about, we’re looking at a redesign of Appointments + in the coming months to make it easier to set up and manage.

      Basically, It’s being redesigned so that all you’d really need is contained with the plugin itself.

      Thanks again for your feedback, we hear ya, and we’re working on it! :)


    I want to use your plugin on my website but I nned to know something about service providers: as I saw in your videos a service provider can be selected from existing users. If this user login into the admin dashboard he can see only its appointment and manage them or can see all appointments of all users/service providers.
    I think you can make a video that explain and show this.

    Thank you


    Greetings, y’all. I’m currently using this plugin for a client and am having an issue with which available time slots show up. Here’s the deal:

    It’s a hair studio, there’s one service provider and he offers six services. As of now, the available times that show up are specific to each service. So:

    Client A books Service 1 at 11 am.
    Client B wants to book Service 2 at 11 am. Because there’s only one service provider, all services at 11 am should show up as booked, but only Service 1 is showing up as booked.

    • 1 service provider, therefore he can only perform 1 service at a time at any given time slot.
    • I want the calendar to show available and/or booked times for all possible services at once, not just specific to each service.
    • The services are different lengths of time, either 45, 60, 90 or 120 mins. Therefore, the time base is 15 min. On the front end, I’d like for the booking times to show up in 15-min increments. Right now, they are showing up in increments of whatever the length of that specific service is.

    Whew … thanks in advance for your help, appreciate your time and attention to this.


      Hi @jason_farmand,

      Greetings and thanks for posting! It sounds like you might not have that same Service Provider setup for both Service 1 and Service 2.

      So long as the Service Provider is configured for all the Services involved, it should only be possible to book one appointment at any given time slot. You’ll also want to ensure you don’t use any “dummy” providers as well, as that would allow multiple, concurrent bookings for that one provider.

      The available times should be no problem to setup, we’ll just need to ensure that’s all configured correctly. Could I ask for you to post to our forums here:

      With that, our support team will be right along to assist with those specifics and more! :)



        Dang, David — thanks for the lightning-fast response.

        I believe I have the Service Provider / Services set up properly, but maybe not. I’ll post to the forum, as you’ve suggested, and we can go from there. I’ll provide a link to the site so you can see what’s going on, and if you need it, I can give you access to the WP admin area.


    Hi @thatmassageguy_dale,

    Location-based services are definitely possible, though there’s currently not a way built-in way to provide a location drop-down.

    The plugin has a number of add-ons, several of them being for location-based services, which would work basically as described here:

    We’d love to discuss that with you in more detail, and provide some screenshots, if you could contact us:

    Hope to hear from you there! :)

    Cheers, David


      Hi @heather_walker, probably the main benefit it integration with your WordPress site. :)

      Another would be that the plugin is a downloadable software that you install and use on your site. There are no monthly fees to use it (though you’ll want to keep a subscription if you wish to get updates and support).

      Local exposure is a nice thing with that other service, though you could always advertise your website locally. Google Places is great for that. :)

      Cheers, David


    I have a massage therapist that would like online booking and one of the features we have been unable to find is this… they would like to automatically add a 15 minute buffer time between each appointment.

    Also, they would like for clients to be able to select the length of the appointment between 15 minutes and 90 minutes.

    Are these two things possible?


      Hi @james_callaway, those are both possible. The premium version has a Padding add-on to let you add time before or after each appointment. That allows you to add travel or preparation time between them.

      For the second item, the plugin handles durations on a per-service basis so you would need to create a service per each duration like so:

      Counseling – 15 minutes
      Counseling – 30 minutes
      Counseling – 45 minutes

      I realize that can seem complicated but hope that will work for you. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to ask. I’ll be happy to help! :)

      Cheers, David


    Nice plug-in! Can I have a calendar that takes multiple team members into account? E.g. I want to schedule a meeting with Staff A AND Staff B, who have different schedules. And the client options would narrow down based on the availability from BOTH calendars. Example: Staff A is free Monday at 1 and Tuesday at 1. Staff B is free at Wed at 1 and Tuesday at 1, so the calendar would only show Tuesday at 1 as the only option since it takes both calendars into consideration? Would this be done at the service level or through the G Cal integration?


    Does the Appointments+ application support shared resources? My client has multiple service providers at her center and they share rooms but don’t have set hours where they occupy the rooms. She wants a calender for scheduling clients with service providers but needs to make sure that the rooms do not get over booked.


    What i have found is that this type of appointment scheduling plugin will be useful for non specific niche industries however for the health and wellness industries are very specific in regulatory requirements which i’m not seeing in this appointment scheduling plugin. For instance is your plugin HIPAA compliant? Under my insurances there is a requirement in the US that any software that i use to store customer data or bookings must be HIPAA compliant. I have been using Mystro ( for my massage appointment bookings and CRM and it’s a niche online business management, scheduling and online booking software specific for the health, wellness and fitness industries. Just out of curiosity what are the best target industries that your plugin is bets suited for?

      Michelle Shull

      Hi, James!

      It’s possible to ensure all customer data is encrypted by protecting a site with HTTPS, but that may not be sufficient to meet HIPPA requirements. HIPPA will only apply to services that accept health insurance as payment in the US, as well, so a fitness instructor would likely not be bound by them. A physical therapist, yes, but not a fitness instructor. If you don’t qualify for insurance payments for your massage service, you would not be bound by HIPPA, either, as I understand it.

      As for which services are most suited to Appointments+, we’ve worked with members who manage shelters, tutoring services, salons, massage centers, city tours, consultants, pet groomers, a charity that provides rides for seniors, a psychic or two, kids’ birthday party entertainers, lawyers, life coaches, and a repair shop. We can make Appointments+ fit a lot of different needs.

      Glad to hear you found a set up that’s perfect for you! Hopefully our Appointments+ members are as delighted with us as you are with your solution. Have a great weekend!

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