Make Your WordPress Site A Delicacy With The Buttercream Theme

Buttercream WordPress ThemeButtercream theme.

Say it out loud. It has a nice flow, doesn’t it?

In fact, the word “buttercream” alone gets me hungry, and that’s before I’ve even looked at the theme.

As free themes go, I am really impressed by this one – the design is great, it supports all post formats, custom backgrounds, a footer menu and a fully responsive design (more on that shortly).

You also have a choice of three different styles (fairly subtle changes to the color scheme and header image) – “confetti”, “chocolate orange”, and “red velvet”.


There’s just one problem – unless you’re planning on having a cupcake-themed blog, this design may look somewhat out of place. It certainly has a distinctive feel to it.

But if you take a closer look, that oh so sweet design is mainly down to the header image, which you could always look to replace (given sufficient coding skills). The underlying design is pretty awesome (in my humble opinion), and offers something a little different to what you typically see in the majority of blog designs.


Whilst a lot of responsive designs can look really messy, Buttercream doesn’t disappoint:

Buttercream Responsive Theme

So many theme designers will just pull a sidebar out and hey presto, you’ve got yourself a responsive theme! But Caroline Moore, the theme’s developer, has put a bit more thought into it. Having said that, providing what is the floating footer menu at the bottom of the page on a desktop/laptop display should really be at the top in the responsive design.

‘Tis but a relatively minor gripe though – I am personally a big fan of the Buttercream theme. Of course, it’s only going to suit a limited number of blogs, but if yours is one of those, it is a great option.

Download Buttercream here.