Can WordPress run on a SuperComputer?

Can WordPress run on a SuperComputer?

Apparently not, or at least not on the one that we picture on WPMU DEV Premium!

(this has to go down as one of the best emails I’ve received this year :)

Subject: Image on your site.

Message: I found it amusing to see this image:
on your site advertising for blogging plugins. The image is of the
data center at the National Energy Research Scientific Computer Center
at Berkeley National Laboratory. ( ) and depicts a
large IBM RS6000 cluster supercomputer that was named Seaborg. Sadly,
it never ran a web server or anything capable of hosting WordPress, it
was strictly used for research computation. (here is another photo:
I am trying to ease WordPress into our environment for use as a
communication vehicle within our group, I’ll let you know if I


Tom Langley
Computational Systems Group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

(BTW, I’m assured by our designer that we’re using a stock image on Premium :)