Celebrate Mojo Themes’ Anniversary with a Super-Cheap WordPress Bundle

Mojo Themes Anniversary Banner

To celebrate their first anniversary, Mojo Themes have put together a birthday bundle that will be available from 18th – 24th April. The bundle includes:

  • 10 Premium WordPress Themes
  • 2 Premium WordPress Plugins
  • 2 Tumblr Themes

And what will this bundle set you back? Normally you’d be shelling out $442 for the package but, to celebrate their birthday, Mojo Themes are giving it away for $25! Even if you only use one of the themes that’s a pretty good deal.

Brady Nord, co-founder of MOJO Themes, said “We love celebrating with our customers and we wouldn’t be here without their support so it was an easy decision to offer this special anniversary bundle for such a great price.”

At the minute I haven’t a clue what is inside the bundle but once it launches I’ll be getting my sticky fingers on one of them so will report back to you guys.

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