Check Out the New Google Fonts Directory

Check Out the New Google Fonts Directory

This post at alerted me to the transformation of the Google Fonts Directory. This is something that totally passed me by but I’m now totally excited about. Shame I’m going to be on a plane in a couple of hours or I would have spent all afternoon playing around with it. I can’t but you should!

It’s not immediately obvious how you can get to the directory but follow this link and you’ll find yourself there. Isn’t it nice?

Let’s take a quick peak inside.

You can view fonts by word, sentence or paragraph by using the tabs at the top of the directory:

google font directory

The paragraph view is particularly nice as it helps you to see what a font will look like as a big chunk of text.

fonts side by side

Another great touch is that you can add different fonts to collections and then test drive them to see how they work out together.

fonts in preview mode

text examples

This is a big improvement on the previous preview mode and I’m excited to start using it. More on this in the next few weeks. In the meantime, check out the post at which has a great review of all the new features.