Classified Ads Plugin for WordPress 3.0 (and soon BuddyPress) Now Available For Testing

A few months ago we posted about a new BuddyPress Classifieds Component that many users had been eagerly awaiting. We’ve been keeping an eye on Gordie Breant’s classifieds project and are excited to report some new developments. Gordie has been working on a brand new plugin for a classified ad system that makes use of custom post types and taxonomies with WordPress 3.0. The alpha version is available and ready for testing.

Features of Your Classified Ads Plugin

  • Uses the new Custom Post Types feature from WordPress 3.0
  • Uses the new Custom Taxonomies feature from WordPress 3.0 to allow you to define types (eg. offers, propositions, …), categories (eg. cars, computers, …) or tags (eg. red, brand-new…) for your ads
  • Backend and frontend posting (frontend posting requires the One Click Post plugin to be enabled)
  • Guest Posting (requires the One Click Post plugin to be enabled)
  • Themes: Includes a default theme but custom themes can be used.
  • Widgets and specific sidebars included: ads search form, ads terms cloud (eg. ads tag cloud), single ad details (post author,…),ads custom queries (e.g. other ads by this author,…)

Check out a couple screenshots of the plugin in action or visit the demo and test it out for yourself.

As soon as Your Classified Ads has completed testing, Gordie plans to add Your Classified Ads for BuddyPress to extend it further. The One Click Post plugin is already compatible with BuddyPress and definitely something to check out if you’re looking to add frontend blog posting capabilities for your users. If you’re a current user of his BuddyPress Classifieds Component for WPMU 2.9.2 and want to upgrade to 3.0 with classifieds functionality, the best thing to do is to start testing the latest version of his new plugin or send him a donation. If you need support for this plugin, please visit the home page for the Your Classified Ads and the support forums on his site.