Nice work with the WordPress Planet, now let’s make it just about WordPress

Nice work with the WordPress Planet, now let’s make it just about WordPress

It’s great to see WP Tavern and WP Candy added to the WordPress Planet – two excellent resources for WordPress news and information, and now you can get them both by just unsubscribing to their feeds and picking up the Planet RSS one.

Or by checking out your dashboard!

And of course we at were a little disappointed to be overlooked and miss out on all those millions of potential new readers, but we’ll grin ‘n bear it… after all we’re probably horribly biased towards our own stuff rather than the Tavern or Candy, that are in no way connected with premium WordPress suppliers ;)

But general snarkiness isn’t the actual point of this post, rather I have something very specific I wish to snark about, and that’s the crap that Matt drops into the planet feed on a regular basis.

Let’s start with the generally inoffensive stuff:

I mean yeh, you’ve grown a beard, nice job, but there’s a time to move on.

And I couldn’t be happier that you’ve found a WAN setup that suits your needs, but really, there’s no need to share [at least here!]

And that’s just great too, but aren’t some things better saved for Facebook?

But the really, really irksome, wince inducing, cringe-worthy stuff has to be his happy snaps, especially when they are utterly 100% unrelated to WordPress, like his recent jaunt in Paris.

Careful you don’t get any of that stuck in your beard fella!

Or (possibly from the same weary set) a variety of food and shooting yourself in the loo (didn’t going in there with an SLR look a bit dodgy ;)

And I’m sure it was the best meal of your life, but…

… frankly my dear I don’t give a shit :)

So, hands up I am being a little on the ahole side here, but there’s a reason for that – namely that the way that Matt uses (and always has used) what should ostensibly be a focused industry news feed to share what would be much better put onto his Facebook or left for a site which would a. be relevant [I dunno ‘Pictures of food and beard talk’?] and b. Something I don’t have to subscribe to.

And over the years the planet has been such a derelict place, and the community so miserly treated, that to be honest I don’t think what was in it mattered that much.

But now if we’re gonna be focusing back on that, perhaps for good reason, let’s take it seriously and stop the cult-of-personality spam, please!