Close WordPress Comments With 1 Click

One Click Close Comments is a very convenient little plugin that I discovered the other day, though it’s been around for quite awhile. It allows you to open or close comments via AJAX in the posts management screen with one click. It also red and green-colored dots to indicate the discussion settings.

Please note that this plugin will only work for admin level users and users without these capabilities will not see the options.

If you’re going through old posts and you’d like to selectively close comments on a few of them, while leaving others open, this plugin could save you quite a bit of time. Instead of having to go into each post to manage the comments, you can speedily zip down the posts management page and close comments at will. This is also a great strategy for reducing the amount of spam you receive on old posts. If you don’t need discussion open on old posts anymore, consider closing it as a bit of preventative housekeeping to keep spammers out. Download One Click Close Comments for free from the WordPress plugin repository.