Enhance Your WordPress Posts Screen With Codepress Admin Columns

Daily Tip: Enhance Your WordPress Posts Screen With Codepress Admin ColumnsI was watching Blade Runner the other day. It had one of those classic 80s film scenes in which Harrison Ford takes a photograph and is able to “enhance” it a hundred times until he has located a woman’s face in a mirror. Behind a closet. Inside a draw. Or something.

Anyway, that has absolutely nothing to do with what the plugin I am featuring today, but those old 80s movies always amuse me. I think it’s the fact that in 2019 we are expected to have flying cars, but our computers still use green text on black screens, and we print out our photos on polaroids.

Moving on…I am always interested to find new ways to mess around with the back end of WordPress. Take the Posts screen, for example. Here is a screenshot from my blog:

WordPress Posts Screen

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could bulk out this page with a little more information? Enter Codepress Admin Columns, which can totally pimp out your Posts screen:

Codepress Admin Columns

If those options don’t take your fancy, check out the list from which you can choose:

Codepress Admin Columns

Additionally, you can use this plugin to alter the following screens: pages, post types, media, and users. It’s just another way to perhaps make the management of your WordPress blog that little bit easier. It may not be as cool as Rick Deckard, but it’s a damn sight better at enhancing.

Creative Commons image courtesy of Chaotic Good01