Communication and Flexibility, The Heart Of Membership

Communication and Flexibility, The Heart Of Membership

If you are looking to build a membership site then WPMU DEV’s Membership plugin is a great choice.

The plugin has just had a major update that brings plenty of improvements and enhancements to its already formidable feature list.

WPMU DEV Membership plugin
Improving on an already formidable feature list

What sets Membership apart is its support for single WordPress installs, multisite installs and BuddyPress.

Supports Single install, Multisite and BuddyPress

What sets Membership apart from its competitors is that as well as supporting single WordPress installs, it also supports multisite WordPress installs and, perhaps more importantly, BuddyPress.

Membership access levels are built using rules, and Membership has specific rules for BuddyPress allowing you to control:

  • Access to BuddyPress pages such as activity streams and the member list
  • Sending and receive private messages
  • Sending of friend requests
  • How many groups the member can create
  • Blogs a member can read
  • Groups a member can view and join

Each of these rules can be attached to a particular subscription, allowing you to make any or all of the above functions features of a premium subscription.

Easy Management of Members

Being able to quickly and easily manage your membership is obviously a vital requirement especially if your membership grows to be as large as your plans!

Membership provides an intuitive admin interface where the important details of each member are immediately visible.

Filter by subscription type, membership level or status or search for members by username, email address or name to find the member or group of members that you want to manage and then use the Bulk Actions dropdown to active or deactivate a member, manage their subscription or change their payment gateway.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Talking of payment gateways, there’s not much point in having a membership site if paying for subscription is not as painless as possible.

Membership now supports multiple payment gateways including:

  • PayPal Payments Standard
  • PayPal Single Payments
  • 2Checkout

Communicating With Members

Communication is a key component in making sure that your members not only know what benefits they get with their subscription but also in making sure they keep their subscriptions current.

Membership provides a sophisticated communication engine that can send emails in HTML format to members on a schedule of your choosing. Simply select the event (before subscription expires, after subscription is paid) and the number of days, months or years, choose the appropriate membership level and build an email email using the familiar WordPress Visual Editor to schedule an email.

Create emails to cover:

  • Welcoming a member immediately after subscribing
  • Countdown emails to the end of a subscription
  • Regular emails to free trialists about upgrading their account
  • And more….

Each email can contain a raft of runtime variables including a member’s first name and last name, the name of the subscription they have purchased, links directly to their account page and the site name, allowing you to craft highly personalized messages.

And, of course, you can test each message by sending it to yourself providing you with peace of mind that every communication is showing you in the very best possible light.

Maximum Flexibility With Membership Levels and Subscriptions

The Membership model is designed for maximum flexibility.

  • Membership Levels determine access: what features, functionality and content are accessible for that level.
  • Subscriptions are purchases of a Membership Level.

For example, you might create a site that has Membership Levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold. You might then create subscriptions for:

  • Each level for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months
  • A 12 month subscription for Gold, that then becomes a Free Trial subscription for 30 days

You can go either further and have multiple subscriptions that can run concurrently allowing members to “build their own” membership. For example, a standard membership might include access to all content but the use of social networking functions might be an additional charge.

Each subscription can be defined as finite, indefinite (user remains at this level for ever) or serial (renewed at the same time after a set period of time) with a defined subscription length (years, months or days) and a price.

Compatibility With Essential Plugins

Compatibility with plugins that you are likely to also be using in your membership site is important.

As well improved compatibility with BuddyPress, Membership now also has improved compatibility with the WP Better Email plugin.

Why’s that important?

WP Better Email is best of breed when it comes to managing the look and feel of those automatic emails, and now the emails that you send from Membership. All your emails now sent with the same branding ensuring a consistent look and feel for all your communication with your members.

Backed Up By Best Of Breed Support

Building a membership site can be a little tricky; learning all the ins and outs of a plugin such as Membership can be a little daunting.

Purchase the plugin for just $19 and you’ll have one of the best support teams on the web at the end of your fingertips for an entire month (and for just $19 per month after that).

Ask any question, about any aspect of the Membership plugin and you’ll get an answer.

Check out the latest release of WPMU DEV’s Membership plugin and see just how easy it is to have your very own membership site up and running in no time at all.