Crazy Egg is Crazy Good – And we got you a 90 day free trial too!

Crazy Egg is Crazy Good – And we got you a 90 day free trial too!

I’ve always known about Crazy Egg, but until recently I’ve always figured ‘oh, who needs heatmaps’, ‘google analytics can do that’ and generally made my excuses.

But oh my word, I could hardly be more wrong, how many visitors we’ve lost, users we’ve annoyed and revenue that’s gone begging I dare to think!

We’ve spent a bunch of the last month running this over certain parts of WPMU DEV and and we’ve come up with some barnstorming results, that we reckon will dramatically increase our usability, enjoyability and conversions.

And, we liked it so much, we fixed WPMUers with a free offer to try it out just as we have…. roll to the end for details on that, first up though here’s what we found, some of it being sublime, the others ridiculous… all of them identified by Crazy Egg.

Home Page

We found out some cracking information here about the WPMU DEV home page, such as:

  • OK, you really don’t care about our support much
  • There really is no point having an FAQ on your homepage
  • You really, really do care about pricing

And in terms of the plugins you are interested in…

Okaaaaay, so you really don’t care about publishing plugins then :)

‘Join’ Page

We’ve also got what we cal a ‘join’ page, specifically a long sales page with our overall pricing & signup options on.

And boy did we find out some fun stuff there, eeek, and we did a proper sample too:

That’s enough clicks to count, right?

First up, a lot of people are coming to this page and then clicking on ‘Plans & Pricing’ which is, ahem, just this page :/

Sorry guys! We’re changing that!

Where do you think clicking ‘Plans & Pricing’ takes you :/

Never, ever, use an image of a video with a play button on it or this will happen:

It’s only an image, clicking there won’t help, sorry!

And did you know Crazy Egg does scroll maps too… guess what, nobody cares about support there either, get that CTA up the page fella!!!

Talking of scroll, please do scroll past the image below, there’s more good stuff to come, promise :)

Individual Plugin Pages

Of course some of the most important pages on WPMU DEV are our individual plugin listing pages, let’s take a look at our Appointments + Page.

There are so many things we can draw from this, so many, but I’ll confine myself to the main ones:

Let me count the ways… literally!

First up, I have always been convinced that the usage tab was ignored (nobody reads the manual, or cares if it’s there, right?) – turns out I was wrong!

And that live preview… that live preview is pretty darn important (shame that our live demo site looks so average… but that’s getting fixed up :)

And whatabout that video! The one we spend weeks agonizing over, that’s such an important tool, that shows what the plugin can really do. Oh, guess what, pretty much nobody has ever clicked on the video popup. I’d lol if it didn’t hurt so much!

And last… but not least, howabout…

This site,

Well, I figured why not do a comparison between the post about Appointments + and the plugin listing itself.

Here’s what we found.

Well, the video certainly works… if only the video:

Just clicking on the video, that’s all.

And don’t let anyone ever tell you not to centre text :)

And last, but not least, you do need to be really, really careful when inserting images with CTAS on them, ooops, again!

And so, so , much more.

Some of which could be used for evil against us, some for good, but nothing that’ll be as good as you running this one your own site.

So to make that happen, we’ve scored a deal with Crazy Egg to give you an insane 90 day free trial.

That’ll allow you to pretty much do all the analytics you ever need, before even having to pay.

But I reckon you will pay… after all, we’re customers for life for a very good reason, Crazy Egg simply improves our business, leaps and bounds, it’s invaluable.

Get your 90 day exclusive free WPMU trial today here.