Create a Custom WordPress Registration Link and Help Stop Spam

Create a Custom WordPress Registration Link and Help Stop Spam

If you open up your WordPress site to user registrations, then sooner or later you are bound to run into registration spam.

Of course there are a number of captcha plugins out there. But spam tools are getting better and better at solving captchas.

Because of that, there have been a proliferation of more “manual” captcha tools, those that do things such as requiring the user to identify an animal or drag an image into place. These can work well if they work well, but unfortunately some simply don’t. In some cases, in their efforts to keep out spammers, they end up keeping everyone out, even legitimate users.

A Simple Tool to Add to Your Anti-Spam Arsenal

Typically when someone clicks on the Register link on your site, they are taken to a URL that ends in /wp-login.php?action=register.  In other words, the registration link for is going to be wp-login.php?action=register.

Because this is the same for every WordPress site, it is easy for spammers to easily register for your site. They have tools that can do everything that’s necessary to sign up for your site automatically. These tools do everything: create fake email accounts, find your registration page, insert a username/email, and even confirm the registration through the fake email account.

In order to stop these automated tools, all you need to do is throw one little wrench into the gears, and the whole process stops.

The Custom Registration Link plugin can help you do that.

How it Works

This plugin lets you easily change the URL for the registration page of your site. So instead of it ending with /wp-login.php?action=register, you can make it end with whatever you like.

After installing and activating the plugin, go to the registration page and set up your registration URL.  By default it’s set to end in join­_us; however, you can make it say whatever you like (e.g. sign_up  >>>  /wp-login.php?action=sign_up).

If a user or a bot comes along and tries to go to where your registration page should be, they are met with a “registration disables” message.


Combine It with Other Tools

Depending on what type of spam you’re getting, this simple plugin may take care of most of it. If it’s spam that’s a little more sophisticated, you may need to combine it with some other anti-spam tools.

Spam tools often rely on known entities (such as the location of your registration page). If you can zig when they zag, then often that’s all it takes to leave them in the dust.

You can download the Custom Registration Link plugin here.