Create a Digital Products Store With WordPress and the Dippsy Plugin

Create a Digital Products Store With WordPress and the Dippsy Plugin

If you’ve ever tried to sell downloadable products through a shopping cart made for tangible, shippable products, then you are probably familiar with the frustration of configuring your store for digital products. Most shopping carts handle digital products as an afterthought and are a bulky addition to your site because they include so much unused functionality.

Introducing the Dippsy Plugin

If you’re selling digital products exclusively, then you need a solution made for your needs, without having to turn off all the unnecessary shipping aspects of the store. Check out the new Dippsy plugin. Dippsy stands for DIgital Products PayPal Store for You. Use it to sell music, e-books, software, pictures, videos or anything that can be stored digitally.

Dippsy Dashboard

Dippsy is a Full-Featured Store Plugin:

Example Product Listing
  • Clean interface
  • Easy product adding/editing
  • Product preview
  • Multiple files per product
  • Many file formats support
  • Simple order review
  • Order status e-mailing
  • Cancel/completed message pages
  • Many customizable settings
  • Customizable store frontend look
  • Warning messages

The plugin is very easy to use. Simply add products the same way you would add a post. When the plugin is activated, it creates the “Store”, “Completed order” and “Cancelled order” pages, each of which have shortcodes for displaying on posts or pages. Dippsy integrates directly with PayPal, because it’s one of the most widely known and used payment gateways. It’s also one of the easiest to receive payments, since it doesn’t require a lot of paperwork to set up.

The Dippsy plugin is the fastest way to start selling digital downloads on your WordPress site. Installation is hassle-free and every aspect of the store can be customized in the same way you’re used to with other e-commerce plugins, without all the bulky extras.