Create a Stunning Help and Support Site in Less Than 5 Minutes

Create a Stunning Help and Support Site in Less Than 5 Minutes

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time, and it’s nice if you can be the person to offer that assistance. There are some WPMU DEV plugins and themes that can make that even easier – and what’s best is that they make your Help and Support site remarkably easy to set up.

For this tutorial we’re going to use one WPMU DEV theme and one WPMU DEV plugin:

I’m going to show you how to create a Help and Support site in less than five minutes. Don’t think it’s possible? Give it a go and see how quick it is!

Here are the steps:

  1. Download the Edu-Knows Theme
  2. Download the Q&A Plugin
  3. Extract the Edu-Knows theme to the themes folder on your server using your favorite FTP software:EduKnows copied to themes folder via ftp
  4. Extract the Q&A Plugin to the plugins folder on your server:q&a plugin to ftp
  5. Navigate to your site. Visit Appearance > Themes. Activate the Edu-Knows Theme:Activate EduKnows Theme
  6. Visit Plugins. Activate the Q&A pluginactivate q&a plugin
  7. Setup pretty permalinks (Q&A doesn’t work without them). Go to Settings>PermalinksCustom permalinks /%postname%/
  8. Visit to ask your first question:
  9. Create a custom menu with the following links:
  • Questions:
  • Ask a Question:
  • Unanswered Questions:



help and support page

Questions Page:questions page