Create a Tumblr Style Blog in Minutes With WordPress and the Free WooTumblog Plugin

Create a Tumblr Style Blog in Minutes With WordPress and the Free WooTumblog Plugin

Do you like the quick posting and mobility of Tumblr but prefer to use WordPress for blogging? You’re in luck! There are many more people like you who appreciate some of the fine qualities of the Tumblr microblogging platform but prefer to use WordPress.

Meet the WooTumblog plugin.

WooTumblog is a free plugin that gives you the very same ease in posting different types of content. It’s just short of reaching 2,000 downloads during this past month.

Why use WordPress + Tumblog as opposed to Tumblr?

There are several reasons why you might want to have a Tubmlr style but keep your blog on WordPress:

  • WordPress offers over 12,000 plugins to extend the functionality of your blog.
  • WordPress has a much greater selection of free or premium themes.
  • WordPress can deliver the same functionality of Tumblr with much more flexibility for customizing and promoting your site.

How to Transform WordPress Into a Tumblr-Style Blog:

1. Install the WooTumblog plugin.

Download WooTumblog from the repository. Activate it and then go to Posts >> Tumblog Options to change your settings.

Depending on the options you select, there may be some extra steps you need to take. Have a look at the plugin’s documentation. The plugin makes use of custom taxonomies.

2. Add the tags to your theme.

Access the contextual “Help” menu at the top of your screen. Pull down that tab and the tags will appear. Copy and paste them into your theme as directed.

3. Post a Tumblog!

On the main dashboard area of your site you’ll find the quick posting area for your Tumblr style blogs, as seen below. Select the content type(s), categories and tags, and write your post as you normally would.

The WooTumblog plugin was built by WooThemes and is the same functionality that powers the Tumblog range of WooThemes. Many thanks to the WooThemes team for making it available for free to the WordPress community.

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