Create Custom Email and Webinar Signup Forms with Elevatr

Create Custom Email and Webinar Signup Forms with Elevatr

Getting email subscribers into your Aweber account isn’t hard to do if you know how to insert code into your site. But if you’re not familiar with HTML, adding email subscriber forms can be a chore.

Styling those forms can be even harder to do, especially if you don’t know how to edit your theme’s custom CSS files, or have a truck-load of money to pay a designer.

Enter Elevatr.

Elevatr is a new form plugin that does two things (and does them well):

  • helps you create custom email signup forms right in your post/page editor (currently integrated with Aweber and Mailchimp)
  • helps you create custom Webinar registration pages that link to your GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar account

So, with Elevatr, you can create custom email forms and custom webinar registration forms and sign up subscribers without ever having to pass them to a third-party site.

Email Signup Forms

Custom Email form settings.<br />Click image for full-size

Currently Elevatr integrates with Aweber and Mailchimp, two of the more popular email marketing companies. You might be saying, “why do I need a custom form builder for these two email companies – they each have a custom builder of their own, don’t they? ” Good question, and a simple answer.

Mailchimp brands its email forms and Aweber’s custom form builder is tough for newbies to navigate. Also, both systems require custom code be placed in your site for the forms to work – unless you want to just place a link in your site and pass the potential subscriber to the mail servers.  Yeah – didn’t think so.

Sure, there are dozens of  WordPress plugins that add email sign-ups to your widgets, sidebars, etc – but those plugins rarely allow additional styling or much customization at all – bringing us back to the original issue  – ease of adding custom forms to your site.

Elevatr really excels in custom formatting for forms, with several options to choose from and an almost unlimited combination of colors, headings, sub-headings, buttons, and backgrounds to use.

Linking the form to your Aweber account is easy too. Elevatr takes advantage of Aweber’s API and links directly to your account, which means you don’t have to monkey with a single admin setting in the back-end of your email marketing software.

The plugin works off of short codes, so you can place your sign up box in pages, posts, widgets, sidebars, etc – really anywhere you can do a shortcode.

The neat thing about Elevatr is its really attractive plugin options screens. It walks you through form creation, step-by-step with graphics, so you can see your form as it’s being built.

And when it’s done, the form reflected on your site looks exactly like what you created in the plugin. This might not seem like a big deal, but it is, and if you’ve tried to insert Aweber’s own HTML into your site you know what I mean. Sometimes it doesn’t convert correctly, or text is misaligned. But not in Elevatr.

As you can see in the image below, I created a quick form and inserted the shortcode at the bottom of a post. This is a great way to encourage sign-ups of visitors reading one of your more popular posts.

Custom Webinar Forms

If you regularly host webinars you know the pain involved in creating custom registration forms. GoToWebinar’s custom registration page creator is laughable, but still, their webinar platform is the best… by far.

The problem is, very few custom webinar registration plugins exist, which means to register attendees you need to send them a GoToWebinar link or do it manually. Neither method is ideal, especially if your webinars are well attended.

Elevatr departs from the norm here, which is good. Other custom webinar registration forms help you create sidebar sign-ups, or they put simple html into your pages. But Elevatr creates an entirely new webinar page for you based on a custom post type, and that custom page leaves off any sidebar – putting the focus on your sales content or webinar up-sell.

In essence, the webinar registration form isn’t just a simple form at all – it’s an entirely new custom template / squeeze page / landing page for your event. Since your webinar is likely to be treated as an “event,” Elevatr does a really nice job here (in my opinion).

Additionally, you have the option of adding a custom header image for your webinar page. Normally, in WordPress, to create a custom template with custom header you’d have hours of coding in front of you, or you’d need to purchase a custom framework which let’s you do this. With Elevtr, it took me just 3 minutes to create this webinar presentation and registration page.

Custom Webinar Sales and Registration Page.<br />Click for full size image.


Using the WordPress post editor you can add text, images, graphics, code, or anything else that would normally fit inside the post/page editor. This gives you a really nice sales/registration page for your event – something unique and likely to be remembered. It also creates an online home for your webinars, to which you can send potential attendees for more information. This is something the GoToWebinar system is currently lacking.

Integrating Email and Webinar Registrations

Elevatr includes a bonus for users who take advantage of both Aweber or Mailchimo and GotoWebinar – complete integration. It’s one of the few plugins to integrate GoToWebinar with any email provider, automatically subscribing webinar registrants to your email marketing list (Aweber and Mailchimp) without having to sign up on two separate pages, which helps to minimize the interruption for your site visitors.


Elevatr is a clean and crisp offering in the premium plugin space. It is very specific in what it offers – and doesn’t try to be everything to everybody. It creates a great email form, and a custom webinar page.

Since this is a premium plugin, there is a cost associated with using Elevatr. Right now, the price is $37, and the developer is offering a lifetime money back guarantee.

If you’ve already invested in Aweber (a minimum of $19 per month) and GoToWebinar (another $20 per month or more), this plugin makes alot of sense. If you neither pay for nor Aweber or GoToWebinar – well, I think you get the point.