Create Simple WordPress Terms of Service With This Plugin

We all want to succeed at our businesses. We want our customers to trust us, and we want them to come back in the future. We want to make a good, lasting impression on them.

At the same time, your business deserves solid legal protection. Without a valid Terms of Service agreement, you may be left liable should a customer have a complaint. Having clearly defined terms of service on your website is also a good move if you’re trying to win the trust of everyone’s favorite search engine (that would be Google BTW).

The WPMU DEV Terms of Service plugin was specifically created for use with the WPMU DEV MarketPress plugin, which is one of the most awesome WordPress eCommerce plugins on the web. Having clearly defined terms of service can help develop your relationship with your customers, protect your interests, and clarify your selling practices.

Here’s an example of what your terms of service option will look like once you get this simple plugin installed:

Okay, so most of your buyers are just going to click the box and go on to make their purchase. But having a terms of service agreement shifts the right amount of responsibility from you to the buyer.

Don’t let your business be trapped in a legal nightmare.  With a proper Terms of Service agreement, you ensure that you’re legally protected!

Terms of Service