14 Creative Examples of Website Testimonials Done Right

14 Creative Examples of Website Testimonials Done Right

Case studies aren’t always easy to compile or create, though they do convey an incredibly powerful message about what you can do. User-generated content is pretty powerful stuff but requires sifting through social media to collect and then get permission to use.

Video testimonials are great, too, but require your customers to know how to use video and be willing to take the time to create those testimonials.

So, why aren’t we using more plain text testimonials these days? Are we just too tired of reading text on websites? If presented well, that really shouldn’t be a problem.

There are so many ways you can be creative with testimonials on a website nowadays, thanks to plugins. So, there’s no need to rely on antiquated full-page layouts of testimonial after testimonial, inconsistently written or designed.

Plus, there’s also the minimalism factor to think about. How efficient or attractive is it to dedicate a full page to testimonials?

There are a lot of great examples of companies displaying testimonials on their websites in fun, new, and exciting ways.

In the following article, I’m going to take a look at 14 different sites that handle their testimonial pages, banners, and callouts in creatively different ways.

14 Creative Testimonial Examples You’ll Want to Copy

Social proof is a must these days. If you want visitors to trust you, then you need to give them solid proof of it. To them, there’s no better way than to do that than by showing them what others have to say.

If the rave reviews are starting to roll in about your business and you want a cool way to add them to your site, then check out these testimonial examples for inspiration.

1. Testimonials with Ratings

99Designs Ratings
Ratings give testimonials added oomph.

Who’s to say that a service can’t be rated the same way a product can?

99Designs happens to have a volume of clients and a particular service that works really well with this format. This makes it much easier for companies or individuals interested in using 99Designs’ services to find out what other people think much more quickly than if they were to take the time to read through dozens of testimonials.

2. Testimonials with Personality

Birchbox Home testimonials.

If you scroll down far enough on the home page of the Birchbox website, you’ll run into a scrolling testimonial box. But these aren’t your typical scrolling testimonials.

Birchbox has included a fun photo of each customer, a photo of the product they purchased, and a testimonial that encapsulates the excitement of receiving and using that specific product.

3. Testimonials from Instagram

Blue Apron Instagram account.

Blue Apron has taken a smart approach in how they display customer testimonials on their site. Seeing as how other customers would love to see what others have been able to cook up using Blue Apron’s services, they’ve compiled customer testimonials and snapshots of the resulting meals from Instagram.

It’s definitely a unique approach to getting new testimonials on your website.

4. Mixed Content Testimonials Page


Booker’s full-page of mixed content testimonials is pretty impressive to look at. It starts with what looks like a hero image and a customer testimonial, but it’s actually a full-width testimonial video.

As you scroll down further, you’ll encounter more video testimonials, customer reviews and ratings with company logos attached, as well as a vast collection of case studies.

5. Optional Testimonial Highlight Reel

ChowNow highlights.

While each of the customer testimonials on ChowNow’s website is video testimonials, they’ve also gone through and pulled out the strongest quotes from each.

So, if prospective customers just want a “highlight reel” of what others are saying, all they have to do is scan through the snippets on the page. It’s similar to the service ChowNow provides to its customers: it’s a quick and very convenient approach.

6. Custom-designed Testimonial Banner

The Desk.com banner.

In terms of design, I think it’s safe to say that Salesforce has a very distinctive brand look.

Rather than embed the testimonials for Desk, their customer support software, directly onto some page or rely on a plugin to dictate how they should appear, Salesforce created a custom (but consistently designed) banner for each of the scrolling customer testimonials.

7. Simple and Straight-to-the-Point Scroller

Fourlane’s homepage scroller.

Fourlane’s scrolling testimonials are really simple in execution, but well done all the same. The scroller appears in the middle of the home page, but it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle since it automatically slides.

8. Infographic-Styled Highlights

Kissmetrics’ stats.

The testimonials page for Kissmetrics is a really cool one to check out if you’re able to collect statistics and a full case study of results from at least one of your customers. The top of this page resembles a traditional testimonial entry.

You’ll soon realize, however, that it’s a case study you can click through to. As you scroll down, you’ll then find infographic-style statistics that introduce you to other client case studies and testimonials.

9. Video Background Testimonial

Marie Forleo

Now, here is an interesting way to add a video background to your website. Because the Marie Forleo B-School is a video-based training program, it makes sense that they’d rely heavily on video throughout their site.

In the case of their testimonials, they’ve put a video background of the testimonial reel on the B-School page with a quote laid on top. You can then click through to watch the video that compiles all their stories and testimonials into one place.

10. Celebrity Testimonial

Marucci Celeb

The home page of the Marucci Sports website includes a testimonial from David Ortiz, or “Big Papi” as Red Sox fans know him.

The testimonial banner is consistent with the rest of the site, mirroring other images on the page that have a picture of someone using their bats on the left and then text on the right. The only difference is that the text in this one is a celebrity endorsement.

11. Simple Design, Impressive Client List

OptinMonster’s testimonials.

While the OptinMonster testimonials page doesn’t seem like anything special at first glance—it’s just a running list of plain text testimonials on a grey background—take a look at the customers providing these testimonials.

You have someone like Neil Patel, a marketing guru responsible for companies like Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg, and Hello Bar. You have the founder of Search Engine Journal. And there are a number of New York Times best-selling authors on here, too.

12. Original, Yet Modern Design

Phocas Design’s testimonials.

Phocas’ page of customer testimonials is beautifully designed. There’s the modern masonry layout, the great use of their brand color throughout, and strategic use of bolded text to call out important snippets from each testimonial.

13. Clean, Consistent Layout

Zapier is consistent.

The Zapier home page includes a short section dedicated to customer testimonials. It’s clean, clear, and consistently designed so as to make readers think, “Why not stop and read this?”

You can also tell that each quote was carefully trimmed down to really get to the core of the benefits each customer received from the service.

14. Case Study Testimonial Callouts

Zendesk’s callouts.

It’s clear that Zendesk has gone to great lengths to create a comprehensive set of case studies from clients, big and small. It’s actually quite a testament to the quality of their product that they’ve worked with so many well-known brands and helped each of them succeed in their goals.

That said, visitors probably won’t take the time to click through every single one of the dozens of case studies that appear here. What they can do instead is look at the big-name testimonial callouts that are thrown into the mix.

Wrapping Up

While each of the examples above paints a variety of creative scenarios worth exploring for your site, they wouldn’t be worth looking at if they didn’t have high-quality testimonials to show off in the first place. So, keep in mind the following tips when you go about gathering testimonials for your freelance business:

  • There are a variety of ways to get customer testimonials. You can ask for them (by email or survey), listen for them (in calls or correspondence with your clients), or look for them (on social media or review sites).
  • Keep the testimonials short. Ideally, no more than four or five sentences.
  • Make sure the testimonials are direct. Sharing someone’s “Well done!” praise is nice, but doesn’t really let others know what specifically you did or what the results were that merited such feedback.
  • Include statistics when possible (like if your client reported a 10% lift in traffic after a rebrand).
  • Make them authentic. In other words, feel free to clean up the quote for readability and make it sound like the testimonial came from an actual person (because it did).
  • Include as many descriptors about the client giving the testimonial as possible; at the very least a name, title, and company. Photos of the client or logos of their company are even better.
  • Consider grouping testimonials based on the service or product they describe. Then place them on related pages.

We’re no longer in a position where we can rely on word-of-mouth marketing to organically grow our client bases.

With everyone flocking to the Internet to see what other people have said about your company, it’d be wise to work on collecting testimonials yourself and publishing them to your WordPress site. This way, prospective customers won’t have to wander around on Google, Yelp, or social media to find out more about your services or merchandise.

Also, consider adding reviews for your site with the help of a theme or plugin. Plus, you can make sure it goes flawlessly on how to add reviews the right way to your WordPress site.

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