Customize Your Admin Bar with this Free WPMU DEV Plugin

The WordPress admin bar – love it, hate it, it’s here to stay. You could, of course, hide it, but why do that when you can do so much with it and use it your way? The Custom Admin Bar plugin from WPMU DEV is a free plugin that lets you customize your admin bar – no code, no hacks, just transforming your admin bar to make it your own.

We use it at Edublogs to brand the admin bar, and to give our network users quick access to the links that we think that they will need. Check it out:

WPMU DEV Custom Admin Bar configured for Edublogs

The plugin works with both WordPress single site and WordPress Multisite so you can install it for your network users, your clients, or even just for yourself.

It’s easy to set up and configure. You can upload an image of no more than 28px high for the logo. Add your links, and easily sort with the drag and drop interface.

WPMU DEV Custom Admin bar plugin setttings

You can download it now from WPMU DEV or straight from the WordPress Plugin repository.