Add a WYSIWYG Editor to Gravity Forms in WordPress

If you’re a fan of the Gravity Forms plugin, you will want to check out this new free extension that lets you add a WYSIWYG Editor to your forms. A few months ago I posted 11 Free Add-ons for the Gravity Forms Plugin, and the new Gravity Forms WYSIWYG plugin is another very useful extension.

It does two simple things:

  • Adds a new WYSIWYG field under standard fields
  • Adds a “Enable WYSIWYG” checkbox for post body field

Once the plugin is enabled you’ll see the new WYSIWYG field type available:

Here’s what you’ll see on the frontend when you add it:

The Gravity Forms WYSIWYG plugin is a simple way to make your forms a little more friendly and give your customers a tool to communicate with you more effectively. Download it for free from the WordPress plugin repository.