Add Twitter Bootstrap CSS and Javascript to WordPress with a Plugin

Want to take advantage of the Twitter Bootstrap CSS and javascript without changing your whole WordPress theme? The WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS gives you the opportunity to quickly link the latest Bootstrap CSS and Javascript to all pages, no matter what WordPress theme you’re using.

The WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS plugin features:

  • Works with any WordPress theme – no theme file edits required and no programming needed.
  • Handy WordPress [SHORTCODES] to add Twitter Bootstrap elements to your site quickly
  • Add your own custom CSS reset file
  • Option to add JavaScript to the [HEAD] (defaults to end of [BODY] as is good practice)
  • Works very well with W3 Total Cache
  • Serve the CSS directly from the source or from your server

Twitter Bootstrap CSS is great for helping your site to look consistent across all browsers. Earlier this month we featured 7 Free Twitter Bootstrap Themes for WordPress. However, if you’re not currently able to change your entire WordPress theme, you may want to give the WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS plugin a try. Download it for free from the WordPress plugin repository.

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  • Hey,

    Thanks for featuring our WordPress plugin on your daily tips… we appreciate you helping to spread the good word! :)

    Any suggestions for the plugin, I’d be happy to hear any feedback!

    Paul, Host Like Toast.

  • New Recruit

    Hello, I really enjoy reading your articles, I have learned quite a bit by browsing this site. However, I tried this plugin, and didn’t like the idea that it spams the admin area with sales requests to purchase products from them. I will say that for someone that is running a personal site, it is a great idea, but for clients and corporate structures, it is just unprofessional. I would suggest reading up on installing bootstrap manually or starting with a pre-made theme built on bootstrap, or just customizing bootstrap as a stand-alone theme.

    • New Recruit

      Hi Regg,

      As the author to this plugin, I’d like to respond to the idea that we “SPAM”.

      The notice in the admin section linking to our site occurs only on the installation and update of the plugin, and you can click the link to hide the notice immediately

      The link doesn’t mention anything about sales requests or purchases.
      Nothing spammy there, nor un-professional.

      If you’re technically adept enough to install bootstrap on your WordPress theme and maintain it throughout theme updates, then you don’t need this plugin.

      But plugins are built for those who aren’t that way inclined, or who don’t have the time to build everything themselves. Free plugins are built by folks who dedicate a lot of time to make them work, work well, and remain current.

      Hence the links back to our core services in the bid to earn some compensation for our efforts –

      Thanks for you feedback on the plugin and sorry you felt it wasn’t a match for your needs.

      Best regards,

      • New Recruit

        Read your feedback, and I appreciate you response… however :)

        Apparently, I may not be the only one that felt that way.

        I am not disagreeing with your input about the hours spent developing such a wonderful addition to the WordPress World….I just disagree with a plug-in that takes over the admin area in such a way that it appears on every page in the admin area. IMO, and this is just me, a plug-in developer has every right to advertise and/or ask for donations on his/her own admin section – they built it; but not over the entire installation. It’s a habit, again IMO, that would eventually bring a bad ding to the value of using an open-sourced system, down to a corporate level, regardless of the no charge aspect from WordPress. (Imagine if EVERY plug-in did that – how irritating would it be to have to locate a click box half-way down the developers options panel on every plugin you activated in order to disable a message?)

        On the other hand – I do thank you for your time in building this plug-in, I imagine it did take several hours, possibly days, of your time to create; I did what I suggested, and added bootstrap myself, and admit, it took some time doing so, and could not be easily accomplished by those that are not familiar with coding WP. So having a plugin that does the task as easily as yours, is a great thing.

        I have since reinstalled your plug-in, and will be testing it out for future projects, and if it works as well as I think it will, expect a donation shortly from me. Maybe I missed the boat the first time around! :)

        Thanks for your time on developing it – Regg

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