BuddyPress Media Component Near Completion and Ready For Testing

Francesco Laffi has merged all of the GSOC features into BP Media and the code is ready to test. Critical new features introduced include:

  • Multimedia support: local images and audio hosting – video hosting planned for future versions
  • Embed support: by default it has active two modules for photo (flickr, smugmug,…) and video (youtube, vimeo, blip, qik…. )
  • Add files by url: when posting a url if it refers to a oEmbed enabled site the media get embedded, if it refers to a media file it get downloaded and locally stored for displaying
  • Media validation: support for different media type means having to recognize and validate each media and sadly there’s no easy way for doing so in every environment, now it can use Fileinfo extension (php >= 5.3), shell command ‘file -bi’ (only on unix, shell access needs to be permitted), or a built-in magic numbers table.

This is probably the last nightly build before the beta. You can find out how to contribute feedback and download a copy at the BuddyPress Media plugin group on BuddyPress.org.