Create and Manage Cronjobs Through the WordPress Dashboard

Scheduling cronjobs is normally something you’d do through your hosting administration, but for some people the interface can be confusing or a pain to access. Check out this new plugin from Scott Kingsley Clark called Crony Cronjob Manager. It allows you to easily set up cronjobs directly through your WordPress dashboard. Crony Cronjob Manager utilizes the wp_cron API and works like this:

As you receive visitors on your site, WordPress checks your database to see if anything is scheduled to run. If you have a wp_cron() function scheduled ever 12 hours, then the very first visitor 12+ hours from the last scheduled run of that function will trigger the function to run in the background. The Cronjob (or Cron Job) sends a request to run cron through HTTP request that doesn’t halt page loading for the visitor.

Here’s what it looks like in your dashboard:

Simplify your cronjob scheduling with this handy tool!