Disabler Plugin Helps You Turn Off Unwanted WordPress Settings in One Click

Want to remove curly ‘smart’ quotes and self pings? Not cool with the capital P function? Would you like to turn off the auto-saving of posts? Ordinarily you’d have to install several plugins to handle all of these. The Disabler plugin was created to help you turn off many of the usually unwanted settings with WordPress in one click.
Disabler lets you select to remove/turn off the following settings:

Typography Settings

  • Texturization (including Smart/Curly quotes, EM dash, EN dash, and ellipsis)
  • The automatic capitalization of the P in WordPress
  • The < p > that is automatically inserted in

Back End Settings

  • Self Ping
  • Autosaving of posts
  • Post Revisions
  • RSS Feeds

Privacy Settings

  • Outputting WordPress version in your blog headers
  • Sending your blog URL to WordPress when checking for updates on core/theme/plugins

All options included are default set to off and will be cleaned up when you uninstall the plugin. I can very easily see this plugin becoming a regular one added to every new WordPress installation for users who prefer to turn these items off right away. Disabler is also compatible with WordPress Multisite and will work sitewide in your network and in the mu-plugins folder.