Embed Videos and Media on Your WordPress Membership site

Embed Videos and Media on Your WordPress Membership site

Are you building a WordPres membership site where you need sell access to protected video and audio files? Well if so, have I got the WordPress plugin for you! It’s called WordPress FLV Embed.

I’ve used this on my WordPress sites, including multisite networks, for years and it’s the best plugin for simple embedding of video and audio files that you can:

  • Host and protect FLV videos AND MP3s directly on your WordPress installation
  • Change the display size using simple edits in your short code
  • Give members the option of downloading, but also block downloads if you choose

It’s great for selling digital content without being taken advantage of by “Sid the Serial Refunder.” Once you install and configure this baby on your WordPress site, embedding FLV videos and MP3s is as easy as including this shortcode for videos:

[flv:http://yoururl.com/videofile.flv 480 368]

…and this shortcode for MP3 audio audios:

[flv:http://yoururl.com/audiofile.mp3 480 20]

The numbers you see after your video or audio file url are the display dimensions. So in the video example, I made the display size 480 by 368 and in the MP3 file, I simply made the height 20 pixels. Try it out for yourself, it’s groovy:

WordPress FLV Embed


Seth C