Find Out How Much Memory Your WordPress Site is Using

This is a quick tip that will help you to track down some information about how much memory your WordPress site is using at various hooks during WordPress’ execution.

Download the free Memory Viewer plugin from the plugin repository. Install and activate it. Now, when you view the source of your website, you’ll see at the very bottom a list of the output from the plugin. Here’s an example:
{code type=html}
ACTION HOOK: plugins_loaded – 17.27 MBs
ACTION HOOK: setup_theme – 17.28 MBs
ACTION HOOK: init – 18.08 MBs
ACTION HOOK: wp_head – 18.22 MBs
ACTION HOOK: loop_start – 18.24 MBs
ACTION HOOK: loop_end – 18.25 MBs
ACTION HOOK: wp_footer – 18.24 MBs
ACTION HOOK: plugins_loaded – 18.18 MBs

The plugin displays quite a bit of useful information about where your site is using or wasting memory. If you’re experiencing some slow downs on your site and want to do a little bit of investigation, install the Memory Viewer plugin, troubleshoot, and then disable and delete it.