Generate Your Own @font-face Kits for WordPress

@font-face is a CSS rule that allows designers to use non-standard web fonts that are not installed on their user’s machines. Awhile ago we posted a tutorial for how to get Beautiful Typography for WordPress and BuddyPress Using the @Font-Face Rule. Step 1 is to get an @font-face kit that will have your font in the correct formats the web needs to display the font to all browsers, including IE.

Font Squirrel has a lot of kits available already, but sometimes they won’t have one for the font you want to use. If you’re using fonts that are legally eligible for web embedding, then you can use Font Squirrel’s free @font-face Kit Generator. Simply upload your font and it will produce a kit for you that you can download. From there you would follow the directions in our tutorial to apply the beautiful new fonts to your WordPress site.