Get BuddyPress Members Interacting With BuddyPig

BuddyPig sounds like a made up word, right? It’s actually a new plugin that was created during an Automattic hack day. PIG is an acronym for Personal Information Game. The BuddyPig plugin is a game designed to help BuddyPress group members get to know each other better by automatically generating questions and potential answers based on BuddyPress profiles.

Please note that this is not a plugin you simply install and activate. You’ll have to write an accompanying plugin to get it to work. You can create the questions using the plugin’s pig_register_question() function. There are examples in the plugin’s notes that you can follow to write your own plugin. Who knows? Maybe you’ll go on to create a few BuddyPress plugins of your own if you enjoy this one. Download the BuddyPig plugin from the WordPress plugin repository.