Get Carousel Without Jetpack

The recent Jetpack 1.5 release introduces a new module called Carousel that turns your WordPress galleries into a beautiful full-screen photo browsing experience, overlaying the post or page. This includes comments and EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) metadata, which is the extra information stored in the image. While Jetpack has a lot of nice features, many WordPress admins are averse to using it because of the requirement to connect to

If you’ve admired the new Carousel module and want to get it without using Jetpack, you can do so through the new Gallery Carousel Without JetPack plugin. It’s a fork of the Carousel module. The developer will be keeping a close eye on every JetPack update and will update the plugin whenever the Carousel module receives any updates.

After you install and activate this plugin, you can navigate to Settings > Media to configure further options, but the best thing is that you won’t have to connect to Many thanks to Syed Balkhi for making this plugin available to WordPress users who want a little more freedom. Download the Gallery Carousel Without JetPack plugin for free from the WordPress plugin repository.