Get Crucial Info About Your Visitors with Statistico for WordPress

Finding out how your visitors are viewing your website is an important step in the process of tailoring your information and presentation for optimal results. The Statistico plugin enables you to automatically perform market research as people visit your WordPress website.

What can Statistico tell you about your visitors?

  • Browser agent and browser version
  • Platform / Operating system
  • Visitor’s Screen resolution
  • Browser usage
  • OS Usage

The plugin features fancy column and pie charts, one-click setup, and easy integration. Once you have this information you’ll know better which design and development features to implement on your site. It’s gives you a little window to see how others are viewing your content. Statistico uses its own tracking engine and does not Google Analytics.

Statistico is available from WP Plugins for just $9.99. Install it today to start automatically collecting useful information on your visitors.