Get Experimental BuddyPress Features with BP Labs

Get Experimental BuddyPress Features with BP Labs

Paul Gibbs, one of the BuddyPress core developers, has released a new plugin called BP Labs that offers some experimental BuddyPress features. The current experiments running on BP Labs are @mentions autosuggest and Quick Admin.

@mentions autosuggest helps BuddyPress users to be able to easily find the short name of a user. BP Labs has integrated this new feature into comments, the “What’s New” activity status box, Private Messaging (body) and bbPress forums.

Quick Admin is an add-on for the Groups component. It is designed to help speed up access to admin screens for each group. Hovering over a group in the directory will reveal links to the admin screens for that group (e.g. edit details, group settings, group avatar).

This plugin works best with BuddyPress 1.3 and is for the purposes of testing and feedback. Use it on production sites at your own risk. These are some very helpful new features, and I’m hoping they will be officially included in the BuddyPress plugin in the future. If you want to help test, download the BP Labs plugin from the WordPress plugin repository.