Get More Flexibility with BuddyPress Extend Widgets

Without the help of plugins and/or custom theming, there’s not a lot of flexibility with WordPress sidebars. When you’re working with BuddyPress, a set sidebar may not always be the best choice for use sitewide with your various components. BuddyPress developer @slaFFik has released a new plugin that aims to give you more flexibility in widget display, whether it’s in your sidebar or footer or any other widgetized area.

BuddyPress Extend Widgets lets you select the users’ profiles or group pages where you wish to display or hide a specific widget. All active widgets will get these extra BuddyPress specific options, even if the widget is not generated by a BuddyPress-specific plugin. So for example, you might show a “members” widget only in the Members Directory. Or perhaps you don’t want to show your “recent posts” widget in the groups directory. All of this is possible with BuddyPress Extend Widgets. Download it from the WordPress plugin repository.