How to Change the WordPress “Howdy” Message to a Custom Welcome

Here’s a fun tip I found over at the WordPress StackExchange the other day. It’s a quick function that allows you to change the “Howdy” message that you usually see when you’re logged into the WordPress dashboard. I’ve used it to create my own custom message:

Add this to your theme’s functions.php file and customize the message:

{code type=php}
add_filter(‘gettext’, ‘change_howdy’, 10, 3);

function change_howdy($translated, $text, $domain) {

if (!is_admin() || ‘default’ != $domain)
return $translated;

if (false !== strpos($translated, ‘Howdy’))
return str_replace(‘Howdy’, ‘Welcome’, $translated);

return $translated;

Replace the ‘Welcome’ with any custom greeting you like. Click save and refresh your dashboard to see the instant changes.