How to Display WordPress Post Content Based on a User’s GeoLocation

If you have the need to display different content based on your readers’ location, you’ll want to check out the new WP Geocode plugin. It gives publishers the ability to customize content based on the geolocation information of the person reading the post.

WP Geocode is easy to use, because it makes use of shortcodes in order to include location data in posts and post titles. You can also use the shortcodes within posts in order to tailor the content based on the readers’ proximity or location.

Settings are easily configured through the plugin’s options panel in the dashboard:

For more information on WP Geocode, make sure to check out the WPGeocode Community Homepage. There you’ll find more examples of conditional shortcodes available to you. You’ll also find full instructions for installing the plugin, as it requires you to add an installation of the GeoCity Lite geolocation database in order for it to work.

If you need help getting it all up and running, the WP Geocode team offers a professional installation service. Check out a demo of the plugin on its homepage to see it in action.