How to Hide Inactive Sites on WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite networks have the perennial problem of users who sign up for their own site but never post or do anything with it. If you have hundreds or thousands of blogs, it can be a time consuming project to go through and hide sites that are completely inactive.

Hide Inactive Sites is a new plugin only for use on multisite networks. It uses WP_Cron to update and hide inactive sites based on the routine checks you set. The developer, Eric Juden, has created a filter in the plugin to edit the query of the sites that are returned. He’s also included hooks to enable other developers to add additional custom options to each of the settings.

If you want to automate the process of hiding inactive sites, download the Hide Inactive Sites plugin for free from the WordPress repository. It will keep your network focused on showcasing the most active sites, instead of being a gateway for hundreds of empty blogs.