How to Restrict WordPress Content in Posts and Pages With a Shortcode

One of the recurring questions you will see in WordPress forums is how to hide content from users who are not logged in. Check out the new RestrictedArea Plugin for WordPress. It allows you to quickly hide some of your content from non-logged in users while writing a post or page. While many plugins are available to help you restrict content, this one allows you to do it directly within a page or post for a certain section of content by using a restricted area shortcode.

Features and Benefits of RestrictedArea Plugin

  • Hide only a piece of your page / post.
  • You can set the border of the restricted section.
  • You can set level of restrcition.
  • You can set the text of the restricted area.
  • You can set, do you want to show Login / Register link or not.
  • Localization in .po/.mo files. (Hungarian localization included).