Improvements Coming to the Plugin Directory

As part of the proposed Potential Improvements, the plugin directory is going to be getting some new features that will improve user interaction with the directory, the plugin authors, and the rest of the community. The improvements have been narrowed to the following for a final selection process:

  • A standardized taxonomy for organizing plugins and making tags more relevant.
  • Allow filtering of plugin search results based on version compatibility.
  • Allow the community to publicly ‘Like’ plugins.
  • Allow plugin pages to display hash-style URLs from the Read Me file.
  • UI Improvements for i8n support.
  • Allow users to publicly review plugins.
  • Small UI changes to the Plugin Directory
  • Plugin Adoption Stats
  • The formation of a Plugin Security Review Team.

Your feedback is welcome. If you’ve got some burning ideas you’d like to contribute, drop a comment on the announcement at the WordPress Development blog.