Light Weight Facebook Connect Plugin for WordPress Uses the New Facebook API

There’s a new plugin out there for using Facebook to authenticate WordPress users and create new accounts. It’s called Facebook Connect and, though it’s based on older plugins that do the same thing, it uses the new Facebook API to get the job done. Here’s what it does:

When a user clicks the Facebook Connect button the Plugin checks to see if the user already has a WP profile in the website that corresponds with their Facebook email address.
If so Facebook Connect logs the user in. If the user doesn’t have an existing WordPress account then the Facebook Connect Plugin will create them new one and log the user in.

It comes with both a shortcode and a widget to make it easy for you to place the Facebook Connect button anywhere on your site.

Of course we are also very curious to know when this plugin will work smoothly with BuddyPress and will keep you up-to-date on its new features. If you’ve tried the plugin, please leave a review in the comments below.