Make Use of the Screen Options Menu to Clean Up the WordPress Post Editor

Did you know that the content within the Screen Options tab changes depending on the WordPress admin page you’re viewing? For example, when you’re looking at the Plugins page, you can use the screen options menu to choose whether or not each plugin’s description is displayed, as well as how many to show per page.

The post editor has quite a few screen options available. If you feel like you’re missing something on the post editor screen, pull down the screen options and see if the box is checked. The other day I couldn’t find the excerpt box on one of my WordPress sites. I realized that someone had unchecked the excerpt box.

If you want to clean up a bunch of boxes that you never use, pull down the screen options menu and uncheck items such as excerpt, custom fields, slug, revisions, featured image, etc. Your post editor screen will be much less cluttered and perhaps a bit more inspiring.