Migrate From Tumblr to WordPress With a New Free Tool From WooThemes

Tired of Tumblr’s downtime but love the Tumblr blogging style? There’s no need to compromise any longer! WooThemes has created a new free tool called Tumblr2WordPress that allows you to easily migrate your data. It works with WordPress 3.1 post formats to most efficiently store Tumblr data for WordPress.

In addition to their new migration tool, WooThemes offers a number of attractive Tumblog style themes for WordPress. The team has also created a free WordPress plugin called WooTumblog that provides a Tumblr style interface for posting blogs through WordPress.

Moving from Tumblr to WordPress means that you host and own your own data. You cannot set a price tag on this. If you’re looking for more ways to connect your content across platforms, check out our most recent blog: 7 Ways to Link WordPress and Tumblr Blogs.