New WordPress Plugin Helps Fix “Missed Schedule” Posts

Have you ever written and scheduled a WordPress post that missed its schedule? It can be frustrating to come back to your site a few days later and see that “Missed Schedule” notification next to your post, especially when the timing of your post is crucial to the amount of traffic it will receive.

If you’re often experiencing posts missing their schedules, there’s a new plugin that can help you. It’s called Missed Schedule WordPress Plugin Fix. Here’s what it does:

  • Checks every 10 minutes to see if there are items in the database that match the problem described
  • Only fix 30 items per session so as not to use too many resources
  • All posts with problems will be solved in future sessions until fully resolved

Install and activate this plugin to help keep your get your posts published in a timely manner, even when they’ve missed the scheduled time. Missed Schedule WordPress Plugin Fix is available for free in the WordPress plugin repository.