Organize WordPress Pages with CMS Page Order

Organize WordPress Pages with CMS Page Order

Displaying WordPress pages as a tree can be very helpful for organizing your CMS content. The CMS Page Order plugin does this with a visually appealing, drag-and-drop interface.

Pages are nicely displayed as a tree with their current statuses and can be quickly edited, trashed, and published.

Current Features Include:

  • Quick and easy drag and drop for rearranging of pages
  • Actions: View, edit, trash and publish (drafts and pending pages)
  • Set the maximum number of nesting levels
  • Native looking
  • WPML support

Now, rearranging your WordPress website’s pages can be faster and easier than ever. So far it’s only available in English and Swedish but the developer invites language contributions for localization.

CMS Page Order is available for free from the WordPress plugin repository.