Override WordPress Multisite Network Username Restrictions

WordPress has some fairly strong restrictions on usernames. By default, WordPress multisite usernames are restricted to lowercase letters and numbers. If you want to loosen the requirements, you’ll need to install a plugin.

Network Username Restrictions Override is a new plugin that allows your users to create more unique usernames with fewer restrictions.

Features of the Network Username Restrictions Override plugin include:

  • Adds network options to let you include hyphens, underscores, or uppercase letters
  • Gives you the option to allow email addresses as usernames
  • Gives you the option to allow all-numeric usernames (e.g. “1234”)
  • Lets you override the minimum length for usernames (which defaults to four characters)

Download Network Username Restrictions Override for free from the WordPress repository. To follow updates for this plugin, make sure to subscribe to the developer’s blog.