Quick Content Creation for New Sites with the Theme Unit Test

WordPress makes it easy to export content from one site and then import it into another. This is done through the import/export setting, which you can find in the TOOLS menu in your WordPress admin dashboard.

But before you can import or export all that fancy data, you need to create those new posts and pages. Designers and developers know what a chore it can be to constantly create content just for the purposes of testing the site before it goes live. The developers or WordPress know this too, which is why they created the Theme Unit Test.

The Theme Unit Test is an XML file that automatically creates sample content for your new site (posts and pages), and allows you to test its functionality with things like alignment, floats, images, lists, etc. Basically, it populates your site with usable content that makes the best of all that WordPress has to offer, which helps you design and develop more efficiently.

You can download the theme unit test for free directly from WordPress, and install it on your new WordPress site by following these instructions:

  • Download Theme Unit Test (oh right, already done!)
  • Visit Tools Menu in Dashboard
  • Install Importer (if not already active)
  • Navigate to saved xml file
  • Import

You’ll be presented with options like whose name should all the new content be listed under. Since you’re installing this on a new WordPress it’s easy to keep all this fresh content under the admin user.

Click image to enlarge

Once imported, you’ll see all the new content in the posts, pages, categories, tags, and media areas of your site. You can now design and style your site with a great set of content to test around.

If you’d like more refined sample data than what WordPress has put together, you can create your own XML files, and this tutorial shows you exactly how to get your existing content exported from one site and into another.