Set Up Automatic Notifications to Remind Blog Authors to Post

Publishing fresh, original content is the best way to keep your site on Google’s radar and attract new readers. It’s easier to achieve your blogging goals on your business or personal WordPress site when you give yourself a reminder.

That’s why the Blog Update Reminder plugin was created. It tracks one or multiple authors’ blog posting frequency and sends an email notification to these authors daily if they haven’t posted within the set timeframe.

The plugin’s control panel makes it easy to set up intervals for each blog author:

Blog Update Reminder users WordPress’ built-in functionality for cron-jobs. The website must be accessed by one person at least once per day for the cron job to kick in, or else the reminder email will not send. That means that this plugin is most effective on blogs where you’re getting at least one visitor per day.

If you’re having problems keeping yourself disciplined to blog, then install the Blog Update Reminder plugin. It just may be the thing you need to keep yourself on track.